Are black nail conventional surrounded by Parakeets?

My Parakeet's nail\claw\talon thing is black is this normal, and if ot whats wrong?
Its not really normal. It could a moment ago be build up from the cage, take him out and hold him on his back and filch a look at his feet and see whats up? worse comes to worse, just call the vet, or pet store where on earth you got him
Do you own newspaper on the bottom of his cage? That might turn his feet black.

Does your parakeet hold a bird bath where he can take baths regularly at will?

Do you own a variety of perches, that are kept very verbs, and including ones that have sandpaper on them to help groom the toe nails ? Plenty of toys?

Does he enjoy a good diet, fresh air, and sunshine, and get out for exercise?

If you're doing adjectives these things, and his feet don't look crusty like he's got mites, after it might be worth giving him a vet appointment. Feet should be tan to pink. He hasn't had string tangled around them have he?

Thanks for caring and being a responsible pet owner :)
Answers:    Well, I am not certain if it is normal, but one out of the 5 parakeets that we had did hold dark toe nails like that.
It's normal, especially contained by baby parakeets. No need to worry. I've owned parakeets for 15 years and several of their claws have been black. This doesn't mean they are sick.
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