Canary wont sing, whats wrong?

we just got a yellow canary 4 days ago and he hops around the pen a lot but he hasnt sung. what are some ways we can encourage him to sing?
it could be a womanly because they dont sing.
u just need to let it capture used to its new surroundings
Are you sure that you have a masculine? There are lots of stores out there that sell canaries and say that they are males but, they do bring back them at a very young age and it is very difficult to sex them when they are that childlike. The beautiful song of the male only develop as they grow. Many females do sing quite well, but lack the long trills and warble of the male. Talented males and females can learn to mimic nouns -- so much so that with a little training, a female's song can't be distinguished from that of a male canary.
You enjoy also only had your bird for about 4 days and he/she could still be going through an adjustment phase and is still not rather used to their surroundings.
Answers:    There is several reasons why a canary won't sing

The first is your canary could be a she. Although in that have been cases of female canaries singing this is intensely rare.

If it is a male and you have be assured it's a male he could be way to young to sing. Males generally only start singing upon maturity which is somewhere around 8 to 10 months.

He may be sick or malnourished. Canaries approaching a bit of variety in their diet.

He may be lacking sun shine. If he is kept inside he may entail a bit more sunshine or naturally light.

Depending on where you live or what season it is, he may be molting. While molting your canary will not sing and prefers to cart it easy.
Teach your canary to sing by letting him listen to recorded sounds of singing canaries. You can buy these CD's at pet stores or online.
Males wont sing if they are sick, or moulting.
If your Canary is a Male then it will sing once it has get used to it's new surrounds!!

If it is a young bird then newly give it time,they don't sing on command,try whistling to it and it may take the allusion.

If it's a female then there is no indiscriminate!

Did you buy it as a Male,did you ask for a Male or just as a Canary.
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