Do Baby Chicks Breastfeed ? Do Chickens,Birds own Breast nipples ? Serious quiz ?

No. Birds do not breast feed.
no, only Mammals give their babies milk. Milk (and cheese etc) is actually fruitless for birds, they're "lactose intolerant" if you will; they can't digest it.
Mommy birds (or dads) find something to eat and bring it back to the nest for the babies to devour, and sometimes (I believe when the chicks are very small) the mom/dad will eat it first and then barf it up to a certain extent digested for the baby birds to eat out of their mouths.
Wow. no. They can eat on their own without delay.
No breat feeding or nipples. They are fed near regurgitated food form their parents, or people hand rearing them.

And, don;t be afraid of asking- this is serious to you and it is a good cross-question. That's how we ALL learn- by asking, investigating, and listening to authorities and our elders.
Only Mark G got it right when peep (baby chickens) are born they can and do live off of the yolk but this last for 3 days only after this a mother hen shows them how to munch through she will take to feed source and show the peeps where on earth the feed is they know how to eat all on near own and mom calls them when food is placed into a pen with peeps I own raised several peeps all at same time and some by self near out mom. NO chickens do not produce milk for her peeps (Baby's) and no bird has nipples to nurse from and yes some birds do eat foods and consequently bring up to feed the babies but not a chicken.
No, child chicks are not breastfed.
No, chickens and other birds do not have breast nipples.
Milk contains milk sugars - lactose. "Lactase" is an enzyme needed to digest lactose. Most birds lack this enzyme.

The crop milk Yogi mentioned pigeons feed their young-looking is a substance that is sloughed from the lining of the parents crop. It is not like mammalian milk though... it does not contain lactose. Flamingos also nurture their young corp milk.

Birds have kidneys. The white part of their droppings are the "urates"... this comes from the kidneys.

We hear greatly of strange things growing up and our curiosity drives us to seek the truth. So here you are asking, which is a good thing.
I did draw from a chuckle out of your question, but I also remember some of the questions I asked when I was young at heart. I imagine I made people chuckle too ;)
WHERE in the world do these question come from? WHERE in the world do these answers come from? Surely even home schooling is better than this! ! ! ! ! !
No,they don't breast feed. They aren't mammals! Only those babies that are born and not hatch are breast feed.
And NO, chickens don't reguritate and feed their young.
And NO,the chicks don't nurture off of the egg yolk for the first 24hrs of their lives.
And NO,chickens aren't lactose intolerant.

HERE is the TRUTH about chicks.

As they are developing in the egg do they depend on nurtition from the egg yolk.
As they hatch they are absorbing the finishing of the egg yolk through their rectums.
Because they are still absorbing the last of the egg yolk as they are hatching are they in no requirement for oral consumption of food for approx 24-36hrs after hatching.
Whether being fed by humans after hatch or following their mother's around,they feed on available food be it bugs,worms,grains
,grass or processed feed.

There are some species of birds that do regurgiate in part digested food but not chickens or ducks.

While hand raising my chicks,I provide plenty of the correct warmth they require,plenty of Chick Starter Feed and Fresh water.
When my chicks are totally feathered out I move them to their permanent outdoors hen house do I change their nurture to mixed grains,layer crumbles and oyster shell.
I will treat them with EVERYTHING(bread,veggies,fruits,pasta's and even table odds and ends that include cheese) and they eat it up as fast as they can.
Because I am not really sure whether it will flavor the eggs or not I do not feed my chickens raw onions or spicy foods.

The only point chickens can't digest is salt.
Birds of any breed or species DO NOT have kidneys and can't process salty items.
A bird's urinary output is equal as their feces (poop) and it is the white stuff on their feces(poop).

NOW you have the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

No, they are birds. They come from an egg, and the yolk in that egg is what they feed off for the first 24 hours or so, and after they go on to chick crumb.
OMG no
No, birds don't hold nipples and don't breastfeed. Only mammals nurse their young. That's one of the things that make them mammals.
Answers:    Home schooling. Gotta love it.
haha no
that's only mammals
chickens aren't mammals
theyr'e oviparous
Baby chicks do not breast feed and chickens do not enjoy nipples. But what you can feed them is chick starter
No I am a bird expert and that is false
No they don't.
The mama picks up food in her mouth and puts it in the babies mouths. Some birds regurgitate (throw up) food into the babies mouths.
No---birds dont have nipples Although pigeons nurture a milky substance to their babies which they regurgitate. It's known as pigeon milk but no nipples are involved.

Just Q ---I was about to offer your very good answer a thumbs up when the part in the order of kidneys stopped me. I had to look it up to be sure and they do have kidneys. Maybe they aren't as rationalized as human ones but they do have them.

And in fact one of my birds is individual treated for for gout with allopurinal and colchicine. It is very expensive . That's why I decided to double check your answer. If my bird doesnt enjoy kidneys what the heck am I paying $50 a month for?
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