Do birds attract cockroaches?

My sister lives in North Carolina and recently purchased a bird. Within a few days she had cockroaches within her house-shes never had them before. We wanted to know whether the bird is attracting them? Has this ever happened to anyone before? She tried looking online but coudlnt find anything about birds and cockroaches. They suspend around by the cage.
I don't think so.
No---Food attracts cockroaches.Keep the nouns around the cage clean. She likely have cockroaches before but they were in hiding. Check kitchen cupboards and anywhere food is kept.Are you certain they are roaches as they do not generally come in the open unless it is dusk. I have had birds for 55 years and never had a roach.They can come surrounded by with groceries. Check your grocery bags as you unload them.
Answers:    No they do not attract cockroaches.
The only thing birds attract are rats and mice( that's whether there is seed all over the floor)
Birds will eat cockroaches. If you want to get rid of cockroaches it is easy to do. Spread boric acerbic around all the nicks and crannys. Cockroaches walk through it and next later lick the stuff off their feet and the die, die, die.

The chief ingrediant of "Roach Proof" is 99% boric acid. Save money and buy the boric acid. It is safe and get the job done.
The cockroaches had to be somewhere to be attracted to the SEED that the bird may be dropping on the floor or bottom of the hold. You have to be diligent in making sure that the birds round up and surrounding area are clean. You can purchase an "apron" that fits around the bottom of the birds cage. It catch the seed so it doesnt fall to the ground. Or if that is to say too expensive for you, you could make one of material and elastic and wrap it around the external of the cage, kind of like a slipcover but ONLY on the bottom of the round up. You could use a trick on the table legs that the cage is on top of. Put some vegetable oil (NOT coup¨¦ oil) on the legs of the table. Any creepy crawlies wont be able to crawl up a table with the grease on there. Always other sweep or vacume the carpet on a daily basis whether needed. DONT spray any type of bug killer around your birds. There is a great site called: Or type Tooz as a search. It is a great site next to bird lovers who have had the same problem as you and know how to minister to you. They have helped me countless times over and over through the years with my birds. Good luck and please dont blame the bird. It isnt his quirk. God bless you, your sister and her bird.
The cockroaches are after the food that the bird is throwing out of their food bowl.
The birds themselfs won't be attracting the cockroaches but the seeds, fruit, vegies and pellets will. If you hold the cage and surrounds nice and clean daily it should hold on to the roaches at bay.
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