Do peacocks brand name apposite pets and can you offer me info on keeping them?

no, they're mean, and loud
they scream what sounds like the word "help" adjectives freaking day
they don't always hang around your house any
They're gorgeous and other associated with royalty who have fine gardens and fountains...but they're definitely not cuddly and own been known to challenge their owners, particularly if you own a peahen too. They will dig around and tear up flowerbeds, gardens and even chunks of the pasture. The make this weird sound that can just be described as nerve wracking. The upside is that they will defend your yard as apposite or better than swans (who are EVIL yard/home defense pets!). Nothing that doesn't belong in the yard will get chronological the watchful eye of a peacock who will shriek over anything he deems a threat to his property.

A plain old chicken make a much better pet.
Answers:    Hi,

I have a peacock and a peahen and find them to be wonderful pets. Their call is a little weird though. I find that only the male calls and it's normally only when a vehicle drives onto the yard.

The biggest thing near peacocks is that they do fly off. Do you have a shed or barn? When I got mine I be told to keep them enclosed for two weeks before I consent to them loose. They need to have a definite roosting spot, a "home", previously they are let out. Once a "home" is established, they will usually return to it each hours of darkness to roost. You would probably have to get a pair to avoid wandering too.

I enjoy never been "challenged" by my peafowl, but have seen them accomplishment aggressively towards dogs and other predators. In my opinion, this is a good thing. Keep surrounded by mind that although they act aggressive they are no match for bigger dogs and such. I lost my other peahen a few months ago, she be nesting and some rouge dogs got her.

Peacocks will bond to only one peahen each mate season. I wouldn't count on too many little peacocks running around though- the peahens are atrocious mothers. I've never actually had an egg hatch.

Peacocks can chomp through mostly the same things chickens eat. I feed mine black grease sunflower seeds (their favorite!), cracked corn, and chicken scratch. I find they also enjoy fresh produce, grass and bugs.

Contrary to what frequent people think, peafowl are very hardy. They can survive within negative temperatures and snow. I would always recommend keeping a warmth lamp for them though, and having a nice sheltered building for them to go into. I preserve mine in a big barn with heat lamp and 50 chickens as the temperatures drop down past -10.

Don't expect to handle your birds. Peafowl are not your "domestic", everyday barnyard fowl and do not bring under control. I handle mine only to check for overgrown nails every few months. They are pretty to look at, not touch. Imagine picking up a bird the size of a turkey beside a neck long enough that they can swivel to look you right in the eye. Their claws can be pretty rough too.

Also, I should mention that males cart years to grow the long tail feathers and plumes you sea in movies or on birds at the zoo. My peacock is 5, and his tail is only in the region of 2 feet tall so far. He'll needs some years formerly he gets a half-decent peacock fan. They also molt and shed their tail feathers each topple. It looks a little weird- until they grow them back their fan consists of little stick resembling feathers with no colours.

Here are some sites with more info on keeping peafowl:

Hope this helps and best of luck!
you do not want a peacock for a pet unless you live on a farm and keep them outside they are thoroughly loud and messy.
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