Does anyone know why my bright two year behind the times African Grey shakes?

She shakes around her breast area. She does it when I'm up close to her and far away from her.
We have a Congo Grey.

Nothing to worry about. Quivering the chest feathers is NOT a sign of anxiety or stress. The whole body shaking is another matter.

They move their feathers to display emotion. Vibrating chest feathers is normally a sign of happiness. Do you notice that the little feathers on top of her commander stand up and she puffs up her cheek feathers? This is a sign of happiness too.

Sometimes they will fluff their feathers where they'd like you to pet them. If you don't already know this - they approaching to be petted backwards. Petting them as you would a cat or a dog really doesn't do much for them. My Grey's favorite thing is when I make a "c" shape with my index finger and thumb, and pet from the posterior of his head right up to his beak so that my thumb runs along his cheek and my finger runs along the top of his head.

If your Grey is shy with you still, don't get up above her head to try to pet her. Their instincts make them wary of anything coming at them from above. Try for a time beak rub (they like this too), then try the cheeks. If she's receptive to this petting, try a lead rub. Don't pet her back... that's akin to making a pass at her.

Practice your bird petting. It's an art

2 thumbs down... I guess me and the other Grey owners I know (my avian vet, friends at an Exotic Bird Rescue, friend who's a behaviour specialist) don't know what we're conversation about. We all stand corrected.
Stress, anxiety and nerves - all the same reason. It doesn't necessarily be set to she's nervous about being essential you; she may be excited, or anxious as well.

The shaking is just a normal factor of their body language in most cases (unless of course the bird is sick, within which case you'll notice more than just shaking).

A two year aged bird is also still young and she may react differently in a few years, after maturing.

I would start to spend as much time as possible around her, rob her out from her cage, socialize her with the rest of the family and friends, etc. Since Greys can develop fretful behaviors early in life that finishing throughout the rest of their lives, you want to get her used to new things, people and situations as habitually as possible.
They will do this when nervous or excited. Nothing to really verbs about. When she gets less a bundle of nerves it should not happen as much. Get a good book on these birds it helps like mad.
Yes There's a few reasons African Greys do this.
Fluttering the feathers to arrange and settle them within place.
Relaxed and happy.
Fluttering them after a bath to dry them.
Answers:    Not to worry, this is typical behavior near Greys and some other breeds of birds. They are also known to shake their heads a lot sometimes. Shaking is merely one of the strange things that goes on with a grey, it does not mean he is cold or in poor health. Please read my profile
Can you be more specific? Is she on one leg while this is happening?
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