my chicken is struggling to walk 1 of her legs is broken or fractured i take her food and water twice a year but shes not getting better she has been similar to this for a few days is there any think i can do to make her more comfortable could i perhaps strap it up or yer something, i really don't want to get her put down as she is a part of my family and is fine contained by herself just cant walk? thanks for your help out
Firstly, i do hope that you do not devour chicken. That would be so hypocritical. XD

Anyhow, You should wrap the leg with a bandage to hold it together, and take her to the vet, to see whether they can fix it. Good luck, I hope that she gets well.
Firstly, are you certain she's broken her legs? If so a trip to the vet is mandatory as it'd be cruel to have your chicken hobbling around in pain minus medical attention.

If you're not sure, could she have gone lame? Has she had a startle or a fright? Some hens when either attacked by a predator or has a scare can sometimes turn lame temporarily. To help her to recover from this lameness, invest in some limestone flour which can be bought from equestrian and livestock stores and nurture it to her by mixing it with some warm porridge. Also there's a homeopathic product called arnica which you can draw from from chemists and shops like Holland & Barrett and this assists with sprains, strains and muscle injury. I had a oil lamp sussex who's a heavy bird and had a weakness within one of her legs. Arnica really helped her to recover. It can take up to 2 weeks for her to restore to health but if you see no improvement at all during that time a trip to the vet will be called for.

Good luck and best wishes to your chook!
Answers:    With animals like chickens you typically have is to take vigilance of them the best that you can. When it comes to chickens leg it isn’t really a mater of what can be used to treat it but what to do with the time which is going to treat it, and if it is best to fix the animal or put it down.

Though I can’t tell you what is wrong near your bird with these details I can give you what I know that can be used to help the bird, due to ancient experiences.

First check her leg over completely. I know that she doesn’t want you to touch it, but wash off her leg and feel it over completely calculation a little pressure and seeing how she reacts to certain areas. You should know how to discover where her problem is located and if something is broken you should be able to quality it.

If the leg is broken you can splint it. And though it seems like a great risk trying to put the splint on correctly you will most likely find that the greatest risk is what the bird will do while wearing the splint. For the chicken will mostly possible not be willing to wear it and may hurt herself further. But, if you think it is critical and your bird will let you, then give it a try.

The other chance is letting the leg heal on its own. I typically end up doing this as I find the birds less imagined to harm themselves. Though the bones do end up crocked all of my birds enjoy been able to get around a short time ago fine after they healed. This does take some time and patience which will be needed no issue your decision to splint your bird, or not.

Infection- I will not say that this is impossible but I don't think that this is your situation, as I suppose it would show in some way.

What to do with the bird-
Keep her within a small pen so that she can’t move around and hurt herself further. This is also a good idea to keep the other birds from bullying her and taking adjectives her food. Also when a bird is hurt her immune system will be down and she could catch something. In this situation she should be able to rest.

Make sure that the pen is nice and comfortable next to straw or sawdust. Hang her water dish so that she can’t spill or tip it, and give her a food dish or just sprinkle it on the bottom of her pen. If she have diarrhea I have found that straw is quite a bother and that sawdust is much better for keeping the bird clean.

Try to hold on to the temperature around 75 degrees or not to hot/cold. With this temperature she shouldn’t suffer any way and this should help her healing. You can also consent to her outside (keep her in a pen) as long as the temperature is nice, as sun will be greatly good for her. Just make sure that the other birds are their to irritate her.

You can give her sugar water for a boast (Do not do this if she have diarrhea), which is 1 Tablespoon of sugar per gallon of water.

Young birds also tend to love boiled eggs and it is very good for them, particularly if it is fresh.

Vegetables are good. You can give her some electrolyte wet or vitamin powder/mineral mix aide.
Also feed her regular feed that you have be dishing out. If she doesn’t want to eat you can put some molasses in it, but do not do this if you are giving sugar wet or if she has diarrhea.

Letting her back surrounded by the flock- That time is up to you, but make sure that you keep a appropriate eye on her for the first few days.

Putting her down- I have never had to put down a bird with a leg problem that didn't enjoy any open wound. But, if you think that your bird is suffering to much and will die within pain then it would be nicer to put her down.

Hope this helps, whether you have any other questions feel free to contact me via email.
Rhode Runner
i would suggest bandaging it or using sports strapping tape-(harder for the chicken whether it trys to peck it off)
also, taking it to your local vet would have to be the best go
maybe its newly sick and its time as come
hope it gets better,i hate to see animals die
good luck mate
maybe call an emergency vet whether you have one near and ask what if any household medication you could give her for pain until you can get her into the vet. hope she get well!
I would take her to the vet unless you can'r afford it I would clear a splint and make sure she isn't outside at darkness because of her broken leg a fox or feral cat or dog would have no problem getting her
AWW. my chicken DOODDLE was murdered by a coyote several yrs back and i never got over it. i even become a vegetarian for 6 yrs. but not now.
any ways.. I would
Gather supplies.. Popsicle stick, gauze and some good medical cassette
firmly grab your chicken and have someone hold it down.. Grab the leg firmly but gently not to further hurt your chicken,put leg within a natural position, then place the stick on the leg, firmly wrap the gauze around the leg and the stick, not to tight though. then cassette it all in place.. that should do.
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