Help! My cockatiel won't stop lay eggs...what should I do?

My 1.5 year old female cockatiel won't stop laying eggs. I am worried in the order of her health. She's incredibly difficult to give her veterinarian prescribed oral calcium supplement to, though she does chew on her cuttle bone. She shares a cage next to a male budgie who has noticeably become her companion, and have plenty of out of cage time as the door to the cage is only shut at darkness. I attempted to better regulate the sleep with a consistent schedule so that there be sufficient dark time. What else can I do short of seperating my two little friends, which I really would not like to. Thanks!
to lend a hand with her calcium intake offer her boiled Egg Shells, crumbled them up and offer contained by a treat cup. Yes try to shorten the days, give her only 8 hours of day muted, do not offer her a nest or nesting material.
If you are removing the eggs after she lays them then she will continue to lay more eggs to replace the ones that were taken. Also, it may be a honest idea to separate them if they are mating. Sometimes correct pet stores carry wooden eggs that look like the real entry, therefor you can take the real eggs away and replace them beside the dummy eggs and she will most likely stop laying eggs. Good luck with it!
You didn't say if you were removing the eggs. Do not remove them. Leave them till she abandon them.You can also replace them with dummy eggs which you can get on line or some economically stocked pet stores. I got some wooden ones from a bag of craft parts in a hobby shop approaching Michael's.

The calcium from your vet is excellent. Sometimes my birds will take meds if I just hold up the syringe and consent to them bite it---Squirt! This only works once with Baytril.

In desperation you can try Lupron shots (hormone) to help stop lay.They don't always work, sometimes must be repeated,and will empty your wallet in a hurry. They are a desperation tactic after adjectives else has failed. When they do work they solve the problem till the next bout of eggs. I own friends that tried the lupron. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. One had to go so far as to have her Alexandrian spayed (or doesn`t matter what you call the birdie equivalent)

Keep up with the calcium and really try to shorten her day, That sometimes works comparatively well.
The eggs most likely arent furtile! It is complex to breed and have baby cockatiel babies.. Females will lay eggs with out a mannish .. its normal or go ask your VET!
Answers:    Dont allow them to look around in depressing places for nesting places, dont provide nesting materials, and put a grate at the bottom of the cage to discourage shredding paper and laying eggs on the round up floor. Leave the eggs in for at least 3 weeks. Feed her a nutritious, low-fat diet, as high-fat diets encourage breeding. Lots of veggies and fruit is great. Dont provide her many baths, dont pet her very much, and if you do hold on to the petting to the head. Many ppl dont realize it but petting a birds back will stimulate sexual behavior. Spinach is also a good source of calcium. You can check out of the two together.
nurture her some fresh cut up green beans It worked for me.
give me the eggs i enjoy a girl cockatiel named angel put them in different cages or agree to me have some cute little baby cockatiels mine wont have any babies
Let her always lay on the eggs until she is sick of it and leaves them then remove them. If in that is a nest box in cage take it out as this encourage egg laying. Also do not pet the bird on her back at all or permit her try to feed you. As she sees the cockatiel as her mate this is a hard one as she may hang on to laying even if you do separate and put in different shut within but same room. make sure she is getting 12 hours of light and 12 of foggy as that often cuts down on breeding sx. Make sure she has additional calcium which it sounds like you are doing. Cuttle bones, crushed oyster shell, calcium from vet, boiled eggs cut up with shell on them. You can also get some virtual eggs at pet store and replace the real ones she will not know difference and they will not go bad. I hold a lone bird that lays every month no matter what I do. I just make certain she has much calcium and does not become egg bound. If you have to separate them see what happens whether you put them side by side in different cages. Other than that don't think near is much you can do. Sorry. :)
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