How do chickens mate?

I have two chickens,I woould like to breed a few but Im not sure how chickens you know how chickens mate ?
with a ROOSTER
Charles D.M is pretty close to right.

Roosters will mount the hen and will hold her down by holding onto the top of her head.
The rooster has the cloaca and the hen have a vent.
The hen accepts the cloaca in her vent.
"Mating" only take a few seconds but the rooster will continually return to his favorite hens more often than the will the "lesser" hens. All has to do beside the pecking order.
You will have the hens that are the "head hens" and you will hold those that the flock considers to be the "lesser" hens.

You have one answer that states you have to breed like breeds and to be exact not true.
I have SEVERAL breeds of hens and the rooster is not of their same breed and chicks that were produced for me this summer are some really pretty pullets and cockerels.
I DID have one chick that come from sibling interbreeding that did produce a chick that had a deformed leg that I didn't think would ever be right so I had to verbs that chick.
Interbreeding is ok BUT done for very long. . .season after season will lessen the quality of your birds. Egg layer breeds will termination up laying less and your meat birds will not grow into the meat bird they should be.
After this yr I intend to introduce a new rooster respectively year so as to avoid any further interbreeding.
Will assume one is a manly and one is a female and the female is pretty young.

If so they will do so on their own, you can't really manufacture them mate. The male will couple with the female and whether she becomes pregnant will lay fertilized eggs that will hatch into chicks.
Chickens mate by the masculine rubbing his cloaca on the females cloaca. A cloaca is an anus that is a double purpose opening. 1) An exit for waste and 2) an debut that has sex parts close to the outside. He has no penis. They start their feathers with the cloaca a little open. Sperm surrounded by semen will transfer and the female will close it in.
I hope one of those chickens is a rooster other wise they are the first lesbian chickens
The same way everything else mates the masculine will get on top of the female and hump absent, i hope I Helped.
Answers:    To breed chickens, you hold to have at least one male chicken, call a cockerel or a rooster. Then I would advise you have 3 or more hens, as when the cockerel mates next to the hen, called treading he uses the hens neck feathers to pull himself up and later they touch their sex opening together, so if you have one cockerel near one hen the hen could be damaged by the continuous treading. The hen would now probably be fertile, unless in that was some fertility problem with the cockerel, but that is immensely unlikely. As for there pen, it doesn't matter what size it is, as the chickens would stay as a flock. As the chickens are now furtile, as long as the cockerel and hens are kept together and near a bit of luck, the eggs the hen(s) lays will be furtile.

Now, here you have three options

1. Hatch them yourself, use an incubator! There is a wide test of incubators, with sizes varying from 3 to a few thousand eggs. You can get automatic, semi automatics or manual. You hold to turn the eggs to stop them setting, twice or three times a day, and on a manual incubator you would have to turn respectively egg iduvidualy, a semi you have to flick a switch, and a automatic does it for you. Or if you didn't want to spend about lb100 for a fitting incubator, you could make one, out of a polystyrine box, with a lamp added, and space for wet. You would have to add a thermometer and a hydrometer, as you would have to keep hold of the temperature at about 37oC, and have dampen in there two, to stop the air drying out, but you would enjoy to read a guide to find out the water percentage, as I do not know off hand. Basicly what this does is it heat the eggs, and with you turning the eggs after 21 days the chicks will start hatching. You should raise the humididty form light of day 19 onwards, as it makes the egg shell weaker so the chicks find it easier to get out.

2. You could wait for your hen to become broody, but it realy depends on the breed of your hens to wether or not they will travel broody, because unlike birds like pigeons or canarys, chickens don't sit on every egg they lay, the might never sit. To encourage your hens to become broody you should have nice verbs areas that your hens could go into that are slightly away from the main flock, as she will become terribly protective over her eggs. You will tell when she is broody by her actions, she will just sit on her eggs, or sometimes nil at all. She will also eat less. When she become broody she will not lay untill she has finished raising her chicks. If she is sitting on nothing, you could buy her within some eggs, if you can't get any local you could buy some of ebay. You only stipulation to supply your hen with food and water, she will do the rest, and after 21 days you should here some cheeping.

3. You could put the eggs under another broody hen.


If you own hatched your eggs under a hen, you should seperate the family, and provide them next to chick crumbs.

If you have hatched them in an incubator, you will necessitate to arrage somewhere where you can hook up a lamp, and set up a small not windy pen, where on earth the chicks have food and water available, but make certain they can't drown. You will need to keep them under the kerosene lamp for about 6 weeks. You shouldn't add them to the main flock until they are big adequate, so they don't get picked on.

I think I have breifly coved the topic, but I push for you to read some books/ browse the net for more info.

Any problems please contact me.

chickens dont mate you need a cock thats a bird i just realised how that anser could of looked impossible
they call it treding when chickens mate you will need a cockeral preferably the same breed as hen or you could winding up up with a deformed chicken, maby put 2 hens with a good cockeral no elder than couple of years for best results, but when trying to breed anything you can spend alot of money on the male and wont like the hens they are with,luk of the draw but normally work well, the cockeral will tred the hen and the hen will lay eggs in the next few days and depending on the breed may shift broody but i just incubat them
good luk hope this helps
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