How do u bring in chickens lay more eggs?

how do you make chicken lay more eggs without using bad unhygienic things?
i have 3 hens and a rooster ( best quality ) which lay 3 eggs a week i just buyed them...
why do they lay little eggs (they are the lay egg type).sorry don't know the name...
is it because their afraid? or do they need time to get use to the fresh place (its their first week). i feed them the best type of chicken food and they are in good condition? please sustain me!!
I used to have Chickens. What I did was feed them a box of regular corn flakes not the sugar type. Just plain corn flakes. once a week. this doesn't have it in mind give each chicken a box but put one box out for all of them
If they are layers,then you'll want to make them a chicken coop. Basically a small shed up off the ground with a a wooden box. approx.6'within length and 24-36" wide. use separators to make individual slots for them to nest in. caring of like stalls. put it at least 3-4 feet bad the ground in a sheltered coop. Get hay and make the hens 3 nests out of the hay and put in the stalls. If you hang on to a light on in the coop all daylight and night they will lay more eggs. It's also important to make it comfortably heat where they roost. If they need a little help out in settling in use a gord about the size of an egg or a ping pong bubble in the stalls to trick them into thinking its an egg and that will give them the idea what to do and where on earth to do it at. chickens also need scraps from potato's and egg shells other vegetables to munch on and get other nutrients they delight in eating.
The above answers are great. one small detail to add: The chickens stipulation about 14 hours of daylight to stay at peak production.
Some types of chickens are more nervous than others. Being upset by transporting and introduction to a new place can make happen them to stop laying altogether for a few days. Could be you are getting eggs from only one (less nervous, or conceivably the dominant) hen. Things will even out as they get used to their new situation.

Watch the rooster. He could be trying to mate too often, which also upsets the hens. One or 2 more hens will solve that and keep hold of him happy.

If the eggs are very small and have bloody streaks on them, the hens are unsullied to laying. The eggs will get larger & come more frequently as the birds mature.

When my chickens molt, I distribute them a bit of dry cat chow to boost their protein intake while they regrow feathers. I do that for about 4 weeks and it seems to speed up the process.

Chickens also need green stuff. If your flock can't achieve out and about, be sure to throw them a few handfuls of cut grass or clover every day.
If they are young hens (pullets) they are just starting to lay, and their eggs may be any smaller or larger than average until they reach maturity. If they have freshly finished molting, their eggs may not be of average size for a few weeks. Age and molting can also affect how many they are laying. My dad had a 10,000 bird lay house at one time, and during peak production, we would get about 8,000 eggs a sunshine. Not every chicken lays an egg a day.
You are right that both fright and being in a unknown place can also affect production. Let them get used to the new place, and you, and try to keep them unruffled, and you should see an increase in their egg laying. Try to keep pets and other empire away from them until they get used to their new domestic to help them calm down and lose their fear.
Another piece to keep in mind is that they do molt going on for once a year (which means that they lose their old feathers and grow new ones) and egg production and ability will both go down during that time.

youthful hens coming in to lay will give small eggs , they will get bigger,as the hens hold ben recently moved to you , it will take a short period of time for them to "settle" contained by ,and give you a lot more eggs, running a light for 12 hours a daytime will help them lay more, but give them a chance to settle contained by
The larger & elder the chicken gets, the better the quality of the egg will get. As for lay more eggs, professional chicken houses leave the lights on 24 hours a day, fooling the chickens into thinking it is always daytime. This make the chicken sleep less, and eat more, which will make them grow faster and possibly produce more eggs per week.
introduce a roster 2 motivate them but u will hold 2 be sure 2 keep them in separate pen or you'll end up with fertilized eggs
Answers:    I had the same problem when I first started raising chickens 5yrs ago and everyone who know anything about chickens kept telling me to add Layer Crumbles to the Scratch (mixed grains) I be already feeding the chickens.
Once I started feeding the Layer Crumbles within a week,my hens started lay.
There are other factors that can figure into your issues.
Chickens will "stress" if they are excited by animals such as dogs/cats.
If you hold some wild animals such as skunks,raccoons etc coming around this can stress your chickens into not laying.
Chickens will delay contained by laying for atleast a week after being moved from one place to another or when intergreting new birds.
Chickens will slow up contained by laying when they go through a molt season. . . where they lose matured feathers and grow new ones.
Chickens will slow up on laying in the hugely hot portion of the summer.
Chickens will slow up on laying during the winter months as they require a minimum of 14hrs day of daylight and this is why some people enjoy a light in their hen houses. I have never needed eggs impossible enough to do this as I feel as though this causes the hen to lay eggs when she should be taking a break. Hens' similar to human women only have a certain number of eggs within their bodies and when those eggs are gone they are gone and all a person has manage to do is to shorten the time that a layer is good to them.
Make sure you enjoy fresh water for your chickens as that can make a difference in egg lay as well. I change my chicken's water twice a year. . . year round.

I have 9 Laying Hens,8 young pullets due to start laying and lately it have taken me over a week to accumulate 8 eggs due to the change in weather and shorter days.

While you may be battle the sunlight issue,I think if you will feed your birds Scratch,Layer Crumbles and Oyster Shell you will probably see a difference contained by their egg laying after they get settled in.

P.S. If you allow your birds to run Free Range and don't hold them in a pen with a hen house, it is possible that your hens are laying and you merely aren't finding the eggs.
I once asked a Grandmother how to increase my egg laying and she told me that if I allowed my chickens to roam outside an roofed pen,they were literally using all of their energies in doing their running and ingestion. . . . . seems to be true as I can certainly see a difference in egg lay when I keep them in their pens verse allowing them to run my 3 acres. Seems as though they DO actually do better when I keep them in their pen though with winter coming and shorter days. . . . they are just going to slack off lay anyway.
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