Is my green cheek conure sick?

I have a seven month old green cheek conure named Pablo and he have been acting a bit strange lately. He occasionally sneezes and he seems to be itchy. The top of his eyelids are light green-ish and he seem to be pooping a lot. I am not too sure how often a bird should poop because I only just got Pablo a couple of weeks ago, but he poops ever 15 minutes. His skin is also flaky and when he scratches himself, white flaky dandruff like particle come off. I am not too sure if I should embezzle him to the vet or not. I love him a lot and I am really worried about him! Please help me!
From the sounds of it he has dry skin or may be molting. My bird also has dry skin and sneezes as I hold forced dry heat in house. He may also have mites or lice but you would generally see those. Birds have lots of dander down dust and it often makes them sneeze. Birds do poop adjectives the time. Watch droppings make sure they are not all marine and are normal in color. It will differ with what you nurture him. You can get a warm mist humidifier and put in room next to him to moisten air just make certain it has no teflon in or on it that heats up as heated teflon can be toxic to birds. I would also vote to mist him with warm water and propose him baths. If it makes you feel better and you think obligation to take him to vet then go ahead as any spanking new bird should go for a avian check up when first get anyway. Better past the worst than sorry. But sounds to me like he just may have dry skin and be restless about his new surroundings. Good luck. I would also propose getting a good book on these birds at pet store or on web as you can never learn to much around birds.
When in doubt, take him to a vet. Most birds have white, flaky "dandruff" -- and it's not dandruff. It's powder from their feathers. Depending on how much he eat, he doesn't sound like he's pooping "a lot". All three of my caiques will take dumps at smallest that often. In the mornings, it will be one big one (they hold it during the night).
Answers:    The "dandruff" that you're seeing is most feasible the waxy keratin that covers the feather when it's first coming in. If he just molted, he's getting surrounded by a lot of new feathers, and this would cause him to cut into himself more than usual. Pooping every 15 minutes is about right. Usually we say, every 20 minutes, but some will be more frequently, and others less frequently.

What concerns me is that he's sneezing, and the wispy green that you're seeing around his eyes. It's sounds to me like he may have some sort of bacterial infection. One such common infection is Klebsiella, which is well treatable, but left untreated may lead to Pseudomonas. That is much more difficult to treat, and usually become chronic.

My advice to you is that you take him to a vet as soon as you can. When you call for an appointment, construct sure you tell them about the sneezing and the green stuff, and that you just this minute got him. They may feel that it's necessary to squeeze you within.

Anytime you get a new pet, you should take them to the doctor for a condition check. This will help establish a chart of its health and progress over time, and when/if it does become sick, the vet will a history of the animal.

If you don't know of an avian vet near you, you can look one up at this net site:

Good luck.

You NEED to see an avian vet ASAP. Birds try to make disappear their illness until they can't.
Take him to the vet! Birds hide their illnesses as long as they can so when they start showing signs they are very not at your best! By the time you see the bird has symptoms, it could be too late. Take it to the vet and hope that you caught it in time. Good luck.

A vet is always important when you get a investigational bird.
Did you get him from a pet store or a breeder?
If a breeder than they should have given you a number contact them
If a pet store well than it is even More influential that you take him in for a check up
OH and Birds do poop a lot it should also be a wholesome poop You can do a google search for healthy bird poop to see a picture of how it should look.
Also conures do have dust so some dust is typical

He may not be on a good diet
he may not be getting enough humidity
do you have a insincere spray bottle NOT a cleanser one
go buy a new one that has never be used
put warm water in it and spray insubstantially NOT IN FACE
Conures love baths
Feed the bird fruits veggies pellets and seed mix for conures
The list at cockatiel cottage while it is for tiels can be used for conures
they also own info on healthy poops
here is more info on poop It is Important to always use paper that you modification daily on your cage bottom and also to learn what your birds poops look close to Bird owners become poop watchers as many times that is the ONLY way you can even know that a bird is sick.
So poopology is major
here are some links to help
Unless there is like a MAJOR adjust and you have not fed anything new that may enjoy caused that change then a vet pop in is a good idea
Either way whether you have a new bird a birdie vet visit is Important particularly if you are getting it from a pet shop
Again all this is same for a conure

here are some conure sites PLEASE read up and learn nearly your bird to offer him the best home ok?
good luck I am certain you will be since as long as he is eating drinking pooping and playing he is likely ok.
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