Is my lovebird a boy or a girl?

how do i tell if my love bird is a boy or a girl I just get it and i need to know so i can name it!
Answers:    For most species of lovebirds you won't know without the bird lay an egg (which may or may not ever happen), a surgical test (expensive and invasive), or a simple DNA test (cheap, easy, and quick). You can do the DNA conducting tests yourself by getting a kit online, either plucking a few chest feathers, or clipping a nail short for a few drops of blood, distribute it in, and in just a few days own the answer. It's cheap too, generally $20 for blood, $25 for feather.

Behaviors in lovebirds are not 100%. I've see females hump things, males tuck paper in their wings, and everything surrounded by between. Pelvic sexing which some people go by is really just a 50-50 unsystematic. More than one bird sexed that way by breeders who "knew what they were doing" hold ended up laying eggs or vice versa.

You could simply choose a neutral signature if you don't want to get into testing to find out the sex, or a moment ago pick a name that fits regardless of gender.
Without a DNA test, incredibly hard to figure ot. Try a unisex name l;ike Buddy, JoJo, or the resembling. That's what we did.
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