Macaw who Bites...Hard?

How do I begin to train a bird if he bites hard adequate to inflict some serious damage? Would it be different than (;... )? Would training him work with some sort of protection on my arms still work (gloves)? Would training clear him less aggressive towards other people?
Well I give you credit for trying to help this bird! They are very sensitive to EVERYTHING! If you address in a calm voice, and even though this is going to be very enormously hard to do, don't over react when he bites you!! This is very unbelievably important! They will start to love the reaction they get, and do it adjectives the time! It can be broke though, if there is no reaction than they will swot up to stop doing it. Is he biting you when he steps up? When are the bites taking place? If you want to there are soo many question! And I know a much better place to go to talk about it than here! I hold a few friends there than can help from them taking in elder Macaws. The link is below. We are all very friendly nearby and just offer all the assistance we can about all the different birds/parrots we own.
You could try wearing gloves. I've read training books that enjoy said that you are not supposed to let the bird know that it hurts when he bites you. But sometimes thats kind of hard to do. Have you have the bird for a long time? If your bird is 20 some yrs old it will be harder to train him, and make him more tame. If you could seize him to be less aggressive towards you than he more than likely would be less aggressive to other society as well. Although some birds will just absolutely not close to a certain person, a lot of them are also extremely protective of their owners. If your bird has had a previous owner, they may not enjoy spent a lot of time with him or they could have be not so nice to him.
Answers:    Do not wear gloves...this will frighten the bird and make him bite HARDER! Try stick training the bird. When you can go and get him out of the cage on the stick, move slowly to a bird stand and place him there. Be sure within is water and food available. Sit with to him...tolerate him get used to you. Don't make any sudden moves, answer the phone or leave the room. When you're done, use the stick to bring him back to the cage. That is step #1...good luck! kjl
Kinda old for re-training.Some birds are sexist too. My bird hate all women.Use thick gloves and speak softly and move slowly. When the bird bites use a spray bottle and a sharp command-NO! Keep at it.Good luck.
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