My cockatiel is sneezing?

I just got my cockatiel four days ago and it seems to be sneezing, and whether you see real close, it is kind of shaking. What is that suppose to mean? Does he hold a cold? How can I solve this problem?

Help Please!
they shiver when uneasy or cold.
birds dont show sickness until they are really ill. if its sneezing a lot it probably have a cold (yes birds can get colds from people)
keep him/her very melt (like 80degrees), no drafts so cover the cage.

mine sneezes after it drinks sometimes, just to clear the water i guess... an occasional sneeze is okay

no smoking around bird. no nouns freshners or scented candles...

increase green vegitables... (no avacados- deadly) bocolli, peas, spinach... whatever... fresh or cooked.. no salt.

hail as a local small animal vet OR an avian vet if u have one close. is great too

Make sure she/he is drinking well too... half pellet half nut is ideal... with beans/vegi/fruit/cooked grain...
Good luck
My bird was sneezing and she be due for a check up so I took her to the vet. This is an avian vet who know her stuff. Takes me 40 minutes to drive there but my bird actually enjoys traveling so its okay.

Anyway, she said that sometimes within the winter the house gets dry and it makes birds sneeze. Try putting a metal bowl filed next to water over the heating vents to put moisture into the heavens. Also if the cage is close to the air vent move it. If in attendance is discharge from the nose then that is a sign of bacterial infection explicitly very serious. If there is discharge from the nose cart her to the vet! If there is no discharge then it is fine and your bird is okay. My bird shakes when she is cold or scared.
Answers:    If it's really sneezing, it's sick. Where did you get it from, and what's their policy regarding sick birds. Usually, they give you abiding amount of time to have it checked by an avian vet, or to return it.

I know that the idea of returning it seems cold-hearted, but whether you're not committed to taking it to an avian vet, paying the vet bills, and medicating the bird, then it would be best if you did.

Good luck.
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