My cockatiels basically hatch an egg, however, the little one fell through the grating. Help, please?

Because the baby fell through to the tray, I created a shallow nest of shredded paper and put it in it. The parents are ignore it although it is chirping. Dad just sits on the rest of the eggs which are not in the next and Mom is oblivious. What should I do for the newborn?
you need for a time box.put them in it.cause the parents are gonig to need some where on earth to store regurgitated food.thats what they feed them with.i just read what the others said.yes they can smell,and they can smell do i cockatiels don't like certain foods and they can smell the ones they don't want even before i put it up to the round up.they are your birds and i'm sure they trust you.thats why you can handle them.
birds do NOT enjoy a good sense of smell therefore the old "mommy will forget it because it smells like people" is completly untrue.

in cases approaching these there are 2 factors

1: inexperienced breeders! these birds should have a NEST BOX suitable for teils hung on the external of the cage, these birds should have never been given the randomness to breed and lay on a bare cage floor, teils will not acuratly use "nests" like baskets, they are floor layer and need a BOX, that box should have shredded paper and aspen shavings.
this is one HUGE common sense why inexperienced people should not be breeding birds.

2: inexperienced parent birds. first time parents often loose (OR KILL) entire clutches, its simple inexperience...often these birds are also too childish to be breeding (its like children having children)this is extreemly common and whether the parents are not interested in this baby it could be any number of things.
if mom and dad are still ignore it your going to need to pull the baby, and appendage feed it EVERY hour with bird hand feed formular and an eye dropper, he will need to be kept in an incubator.

obviously you are not prepared for this, and unfortunatly its highly likley this little baby will die if mommy is not going to tend to it.
If you don't hold a nestbox, you are screwed... You should never put two mating pairs together without a nestbox, incase of something like this.

A nest box is a small box *like a bird house* but next to a wider door opening, and put wood chips on the bottom of it. If you don't get a nestbox *which you really should*, lightly serving spoon up the baby, and keep putting him near the mother/father... If worse comes to worse, you will hold to buy baby food that you mix with water, and a syringe *small* to nurture the baby yourself.

Birds do not have nose, they cannot smell. Touching a baby bird will not cause the parent to abandon it.

Take a facial tissue box and procession it with some shredded napkins or paper towels. Put the eggs AND the baby contained by it and put it where the eggs were in the coop. Mix a small amount of baby cereal - cream of rice works well (use water, not milk) - and some tricky boiled egg yolk (not the white) and some cuttle bone (scrape the cuttlebone with a spoon or your fingernail to get a powder to mix in). Mix it well and use an eyedropper or a small syringe to nurture the baby cockatiel. Keep it warm and only nurture it if the parents do not. You should be able to see the seed from the parents feed it in the crop. It will be a large bulging sac on the side of the birds neck. There is one on respectively side. If there is no bulge on the side of the neck, then the babe-in-arms is not being fed and you will need to nurture it. The baby will need to be fed 3 - 4 times every daytime at least. Good luck with raising your hot baby cockatiel. hand raised are generally much more tame than parent raised and can be very affectionate.
Answers:    The baby fell through what grating? How did it fall through any grating?
Your birds should be nesting in a box, not an unambiguous nest.
This will not work for cockatiels - they need a nest BOX to nest in; otherwise it will not work out well - as you've already discovered.
hi, are the eggs in a nestbox? If not you have a HUGE problem...the chick will die whether it hasn't got access to the parents. You must get a syring and buy kaytee exact hand-feeding formula. If you don't do it, the bird will die! Also you should let the bird out of their enclose, and take the grating out and get the chick asap!
Do not listen to tales almost touching baby birds. It is nonsense.

Can you put all the eggs surrounded by one basket - er, nest? Move dad off and put the baby surrounded by the nest.

I must caution you, if this is their first clutch of eggs they may not be sure of what they are doing. Also, near may be something wrong with this baby.

That said, I hope you are prepared with Kaytee Exact Baby Bird food and syringes. If the parents do not nurture the baby within 24 hours, you will have to nurture it yourself. This is an important skill and is very exact. The formula must be at the right temp or the baby will not get through it and will get a sour crop if it does eat it too cold., The kid must be kept warm with a heating wipe with a towel wrapped around it. The baby must be fed every hour at first consequently in a few days every 2 hours. You can see the advantage of having the parents nurture it.

Google - hand feeding baby parrot and take a deap breath. Last year one of my canaries threw a baby out of the nest and would not feed it.
This be her first time being a mother. I handfed the baby and it is 10 months old presently and sings it's heart out to me. This can be done and I have been doing it for over 10 years. You can email me off this inventory and I will help if I can.
I am really sorry to say this, but you are the common sense so many people do not like kids trying to breed birds. I don't know whether you are really young, or just lack experience, but I will describe you that you cannot breed in an open environment. As you have in recent times learned, as each baby hatch, if they hatch at all, they will fall absent and the parents will ignore them and they will die.

In my eyes, that is just plain tight-fisted for you to do to them.

Again, I am sorry.

With day 1 babies, the likelihood that you would be able to hand-feed them successfully is virtually none. You entail a brooder, something that will keep the baby (babies) at a consistent temperature and you will also necessitate to feed a quality hand-feeding formula every two hours for the first two days. If you do not have the luxury of mortal around every two hours for virtually 2 weeks (eggs hatch every other day, just like they are laid), next you should not have tried this at all.

So... if you intend to breed birds, you necessitate to get a few things. You need to buy a cockatiel nest box and hang it on the external of your cage. Then if you intend to hand make higher babies, you need to get a brooder. (don't get a heat pad and an aquarium -- I have seen too masses people cook their baby birds doing this) Get a real brooder. And you will involve the time available (vacation time from your job, home based employment) within case you need to feed from daylight 1.

You also need to find yourself someone who has a lot of experience raise birds. Find someone who has been raising them for more than 10 years. People below 10 years, I still consider inexperienced and they tend to give out the worst advice! Then have them school you how you should do things. If you are in northern IL or southern WI, I would be happy to help you.

As far as what to do near the baby now? You need to take some sort of basket or something that you can put the eggs and baby in that the parents will be right here to feed them. Typically, the parents do not feed the babies while they are still absorbing their yolk sac, so don't worry whether they are not feeding them right away, but by tomorrow morning, he should have a full crop (about the size of a really small pea).

Inexperienced birds are probably not going to know what to do besides, and unfortunately, you will most likely lose the babies.

I am really sorry -- I wish I have better news for you. I don't mean to sound skeptical or hurtful or anything. It just makes me sad when I hear of things resembling this with such inexperienced people doing things so very wrong.

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