My parakeet (or budgie) looks tired (closes his eyes), have fluffed up feathers. He is sick?

I have had 4 parakeets of mine now die from this ailment. How do I stop this horrible disease? I don't want my other 4 to suffer the same fate. And don't tell me to jump to a vet. I know that, but I need some home remedies and medicine to buy at the store too. Help?
Answers:    Get a roast lamp and make sure the bird stays melt. You can get an antibiotic at the pet store or go to a farm supply and capture tetracycline. It is usually a powder that you add to water. I other made up a gallon and kept it in the fridge but only for three days. I gave it to adjectives the birds in place of their water for the full two weeks. That way whether they have started to get sick, it will go ahead and start working. Give the sick bird spray millet or anything he particularly likes. Mine liked pieces of whole wheat bread and egg food. Keep him heat up and medicated until he is definitely better.
You have had four birds die near similar symptoms and you STILL aren't going to an avian vet?? If *you* lost a huge percentage of your body weight, were horribly sick and were not sufficiently expert to get or stay warm, would you look for a "cure" in the cough syrup aisle contained by the drug store? Or would you go to a doctor?

How very sad for your birds.


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