My Parrot's Poop STINKS?

I have a 5 year old Sun Conure and occasionally when he poops the stench of his poop will fill up the entire room he is within. His diet has not changed, and he seems to be doing everything as he normally does, but his poop unusually stinks, with a very pungent stink to it.
Why is this happening and how can I fix it?
his diet might not be right ,and he might even enjoy a parasite that wont let him digest right , see if you can find a avion vet to check him out just to be shure
Any kind of poop smell that fills the room should be investigated by an avian vet. The most likely motivation is some sort of infection.Since this seems to be a recent occurrence the sooner you get him to the vet -the better. it is other easier and cheaper to cure something that hasn't turned chronic. Please let us know how you make out. it would be helpful within caring for our own birds.
Answers:    I would bear to avian vet or at least take a sample of his droppings. When they smell approaching this it usually means they are sick. A awful smell surrounded by bird droppings is usually a disease called Clostridium and can be treated with proper antibiotics or anti fungal meds. But could be plentiful other things as well. Better safe than sorry I would take. Bird droppings are not supposed to smell at adjectives.
i have parrot of my own and when it poops it does not smell at all. But i don't know any point about sun conure. but if u go to www. it near give u all the iformation on parrots sicknesses
it may be he isnt fully digesting his food. don't allow him to eat very speedy, because that is a factor of indigestion. and by the way, cheeseburgers04, a parrots droppings arent supposed to smell at adjectives.
wow. your smart. does your poop smell right?? its poop...thats why it smells. YAY
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