What different kind of birds do petco and petsmart flog?

I want to know
if you plan on getting a bird to train or be sweet i outstandingly suggest looking around locally first. your chances of getting a Very well trained bird from one of those stores is allot slimmer and allot more expensive than getting one from a local breeder.
Petco had a run in beside PETA and in return for the organization removing all anti Petco websites etc, Petco agreed to stop selling massive birds such as macaws and cockatoos. Petco carries blue and green quaker parrots, conures, canaries, finches, cockateils, parakeets and occasionally other more exotic small parrots. Blue quakers are sold for 900$ and are the most expensive birds I enjoy ever seen there.
petco sell mostly parakeets (budgies), some canaries, cockatiels, and parrots.
They carry the smaller birds. Parakeets, Cockateils, finches, Quakers, possibly a cockatoo or a Macaw.
Hi, it depends on what breeders sell to them surrounded by your area. My petsmart and petco each have parakeets, cockatiels, and sun conures. They are VERY over priced compared to my local pet store! Petsmart sell them for 600 dollars, and my local pet store sells them for 300!
The ones surrounded by St. Louis have mostly parakeets, Quakers, and other small parrots. Sometimes I see canaries and finches, but mostly the smaller parrots.
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