What is the best conure type?

So I am getting a conure tomorrow and I have been looking at what types I could get. This is a catalogue of what types I really like. What type should I get?
I would say... SUN CONURE!! I own one. FYI not all suns are screamers, mine is honestly quiet.

They range from 0-600 depending on where you return with it. I would advise going to a private breeder because birds at p e t c o etc are screamers and nippier. The are also more expensive at those stores. I got my 5 month old for $150 at a private breeders place.

They live for 30+ years next to proper care so be prepared for a commitment.

They are the most beautiful of the conure species in my inference. They look like Mangos. In fact I named mine Mango.
They are average talker but not as good as its larger cousins.

Name sugestions
Sunkist (Kissd by the sun)
Son (Sun in German pronounced Zone but with accent)
Or any nickname you like really. :)

Mainly a cockatiel mx will do. Or buy a special conure mix. Larger birds can eat larger food so carrots and grapes are worthy for suns. NEVER FEED ANY BIRD AVOCADO! THIS WLL KILL THEM! NO ICEBERG LETTUCE EITHER! NOTHING SALTY!

I hope i helped. I am only 10 so i know alot.

Sun are the best but a touch loud. Meaning the best I mean trait wise. They are smart, fun, loud, get into rather trouble now and then but cuddle bunnies. They do tend to scream from time to time. Need lots of love and affection. Whatever you choose will be a dutiful choice. They are all wonderful. Get a good book on which one you choose that will help exceedingly much with training it and knowing what to expect from it. Good luck.
the sun is a little loud i enjoy one you can try a green cheek i think they can talk if you inculcate them my sun can.do some Research at birdchannel.com they'rer really good
I agree with beth p. I hold had THE HARDEST TIME EVER! Choosing a bird. I went from parakeet, to cockatiel, to quaker parrot, to green cheek conure, to senegal impersonator, and to finally my choice. SUN CONURE! WOO lol. I suggest a sun conure to you because people like Beth P, say-so they are really cuddly and love attention, be informed though. They CAN be LOUD. Although, i have heard great things about gold ingots capped, sun conures are always better, and prettier xD
Answers:    This is going to greatly depend on your noise tolerance. If you don't resembling noise go with the green cheek or black cap conure. I'm partial to black capped conures. I adore them, and hope to add one to my flock soon.

If you can handle disturbance, I personally would go with the gold ingots capped conure. My gold capped conure, Gizmo, is the sweetest entity. She loves practically everyone, and is very cuddly and playfully. It is said gold cap are the cuddliest/social of the golden trio (suns, jendays, and gold caps) But I might biased. If you have a little more money to spend move about with the blue crowned conure. They're gorgeous birds as well, but are a bit larger then most conures.

No situation what, let the bird pick you. I went into the place planning on getting a black capped conure, and I walk out with a gold capped conure. We of late clicked. You want to have that same feeling too since the bird can live easily to 30 years. Make certain you have everything set up before you bring your birdie home.
i have a sun
they are popular for good reason but they are loud
however mine loves to cuddle but can be moody at times. he is 2 so it could be a maturation thing
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