What types of foods can a parakeet put away after have his beak trimmed?

took the little guy to a bird vet yesterday who trimmed his snout as it was getting so long that everytime he tried to eat something, he would almost stab himself through the chest. My sound out is this: Since this trimming has already been done, is his snout sore and would diced up fruit cause it to sting along the trimmed edges?

Also, what kind of nuts are favorites for parakeets to eat? I have given him unsalted sunflower seeds, peanuts (out of the shell) and just now came across a rather good promise on walnuts, pecans and macadamia nuts, if these nuts were broken open exposing the 'meat' or the seed, can the little guy eat this or are these types of nuts harmful to parakeets?

The vet said that "Woody" (short for woodstock) is very in shape and very plump for being only one year antiquated, kinda cute too!

Thank you!
Your bird does not need any special food after a beak trimming if it was done properly. If your birds beak is sore he will not put away the foods that bother him
I am surprised your vet did not tell you to cut back on nuts if your bird is impressively plump. Nuts are high in fat. The most healthful nut to nurture your bird are almonds because they are calcium rich. Get sliced or slivered almonds in the bulk food dept of a large supermaket. A couple of slices or slivers is enough for a keet. Small pieces of of nearly any nut are fine.Macadamia nuts are very high in hefty and are recommended for the larger birds such as toos and macaws. You can send those to me ----Yummmmm Peanuts can carry molds and should not be fed as a regular diet. half a peanut once or twice a week would be ok. Sunflowers should be limited too They are a special treat not a basic bit of the diet and birds can become addicted to them ,refusing other foods. Google safe foods for parrots and lots of stuff will come up. Besides your undeveloped diet of pellets and seeds you should serve lots of veggies and a smaller amount of fruits, No avacado . It causes digestive distress. Also a bit of pasta (with or minus sauce ) and whole grain bread is fine. foods that are unsalted are best. I cut down or eliminated saline in our diet because of the birds and it has benefitted us, We get more than satisfactory salt in processed foods like TV dinners . Ask your doctor.

Is your bird's vet an avian vet ? Just curious.

Currants (any)
Kiwi Fruit


Just feed him as you other do. if you give him too many nuts it will build him fat, they love nuts of all kinds, but bequeath them sparingly, it is like offering a kid Ice cream or spinach ,you know which one they will choose. Give him fresh fruits like apples, or dried tropical fruit like mango, pineapple ect. Trimming a birds beak is approaching trimming your finger nails, it does not hurt,or make you sore.
Same as he be before trimming it! Parakeets are more of a seed eater, nuts could make him to "plump" whick is not upright for him.

this is from the below link.

Healthy Food for your Parakeet

The native parakeet grew up in the grasslands of Australia, living within eucalyptus trees. Those grasslands provided the parakeets what they needed to live. They would eat the fresh greens, the fruits and berries they found there, and the seed that came in the fall.

So while parakeet kernel is ONE part of what a parakeet's diet should have in it, it is particularly not ALL, and a parakeet raised solely on parakeet seed will have some form of famine. Even the fortified seeds you find in stores are usually fortified near a powder sprinkled on the outside of the seed. Since a parakeet hulls its seeds past eating them, leaving behind that outer shell, the fortification does little moral.

The Association of Avian Veterinarians recommends the following diet for a parakeet:

50% cooked beans, whole wheat bread, cooked rice, pasta, and seed
45% fresh broccoli, carrot, yams, spinach, dandelion greens, other green/orange fruits and veggies
5% eggs, tuna packed in water, in good health cooked meat

Parakeets are lactose-intolerant and cannot eat a lot of dairy product. Also, parakeets are HIGHLY allergic to chocolate and avocados and should never be given either. Junk food such as pretzles, potato chips, etc. aren't appropriate for a parakeet either! You can feed a parakeet fresh fruit such as apples and cherries, but be careful going on for the seeds as those have toxins in them. Lettuce is fine, but it really have no nutrients in it. It's better to give them other, healthier greens.

Parakeets do NOT overeat. If anything, society tend to give them too little food, thinking a seed cup is full when really it's just full of the hulls of the seed the parakeet has already eaten. Be sure to stock up your parakeet's food supply daily and to give him or her lots of fresh foods too.

Just like most relations feed their cats and dogs "kibble" (processed pellets) instead of their natural foods (rabbits, rats, etc.) some people also nurture their parakeets "kibble". The kibble is nutritionally balanced and a great way to meet adjectives of the parakeet's food requirements easily. Some parakeets love kibble, others are convinced they want to eat "real food". Whichever style you go, be sure to give your parakeet a diet i.e. balanced and healthy.

You'll find millet in tons pet stores. This is very high in podgy and is a treat for parakeets. It should only be fed to them occasionally. Parakeets in the out of control certainly did not have millet year-round!

Healthy Water for your Parakeet

Answers:    Awwwww good to see your looking after 'Woody' by taking him to the vet:) Yes, all of the nuts you mentioned are safe for little 'Woody' to devour! Diced up fruit is fine, but maybe try mashing it so its easier for him to eat in need hurting his beak.
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