When a parakeet get cold how does it counter?

I'm wondering because last night it was the first cold tip out night we have had and 4 of my parakeets died. I also found it atypical that the food bowl was completely empty because I had of late filled it. I'm wondering if they tried to get melt in there food dish or what happened
Sorry to hear you in the order of your birds. My birds are normally kept at around 75-78F or higher. Exposing keets to extreme temperatures, below 68F or above 90F minus allowing them time to become acclimated to these temperatures can kill them. Especially if they are sick. It have been recommended to me to never keep my birds in temperature below 68F or above 120F.

Hope this helps.
They are not in the line of a draft from your boiler are they? Drafty places can kill birds whether cold or warm. If they arent, did you have your house reheat enough? Do you cover their cage at night? You may want to grasp them a heavier cover.when a bird gets cold I think they will "fluff up". If I were you, I would find a obedient website dealing with budgie care. That is sad nearly your birdies, I am sorry, I lost mine to illness about a week ago:[ good luck..
Answers:    Parakeets (aka Budgerigars) fluff their feathers up as a response to cold weather as this traps more nouns in their feathers, allowing for them to warm up easier..Budgies are not suited to a cold climate (they live in main and western Australia), so have to be inside during the colder months of the year..I'd say the temperature simply got too cold and thats why they died :(
put a towel over the cage so cold air cant hit them
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