When can u seperate a mom parakeet from the babies?

My friend has a mom parakeet, and had soooo many babies, she duzn't hold enuf room and her parents won't let her keep them so she HAD to give 2 to me, i deliberate (NOT SURE) it's been about a month ish since they have hatch and she gave it to me yesterday,
At around 3 months and the mum is trying to run away from them.
They should ONLY be separated If in certainty they are done weaning and are eating on their own totally
usually Mom does not feed Dad does
Also I would make clear to your friend to take the male out and place in a coop with Just the babies leaving the Mom (hen ) in the pen it is in alone
Dad will wean the babies and then she can get homes for them and relay her IF she can not care for them Do NOT breed them
Rescues are already Bursting at the seams for small birds
IF you really want a budgie contact a local shelter

Please make certain to watch these birds and be sure they are in certainty eating
Also be sure to feed a hygienic diet Offering egg food and veggies
If you want some recipes try google or email me through my profile I will give you the info you need to grasp these guys off to a great start

By the way DO NOT handfeed on your own Unless a local breeder or vet shows you Or you can Kill a bird easily. If the food is mixed wrong or feed wrong there is a Lot involved in handfeeding Make her take them birds and put them babies beside Dad when eating on own all the way Than you can give somebody a lift them back and If she will not contact a local breeder or vet to help you wean them
sure you can how do you suppose they sell them at the pet shops just make surre its not to babyish to be taken away and not to old or it will be to attack to its mother. I think you requirement a liecence for them... Or maybe thats another bird lol
are you able to feed them or do they get through on there own ,if they eat on in attendance own then give them a good pip and fruit and vegy meals take out the veges and fruit every day next put in Fresh, that is if they get through it you can have 2 very good companions for you ,keets can be intensely loving and nows the time to work with them,keets will talk if qualified, they will give kisses and lots of love to you all you have to do is be pationchent and character to them for More info on them go to birdchannel.com you can get tons of info.
Answers:    Young parakeets need to be fed for up to 8 weeks. Make certain the birds are eating on their own. If they aren't, you will have to put them back beside the mother for a while, or hand feed them yourself. When they are old satisfactory, they will figure out how to eat on their own.
Below is a link showing how to paw feed baby parakeets.
They generally wean about a week after the fledge (leave the subsequent box on their own) and can be separated from the parents after they are weaned. If your keets are eating on their own they should be fine. If not they need to go put money on immediatly until they are weaned
U can separate the parakeet's from there mom when the bird get covered with feathers, the bird is able to groom itself, the bird can eat seed without its moms help and when the mom stops feeding the birds. If the birds can do adjectives that on there own then there set to be separated. Take fitting care of the birds lil birds r fun to play with but there curious n can capture into a lot of trouble.
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