Why are my quail not lay eggs?

the woldent own mated
Could be the wrong time of the year,as most wild birds lay so their chicks will hatch in space heater weather. It is their instinct , to know when to lay eggs.
Answers:    Hi,

The probable answer to this question is, there is not enough daytime length.

To produce eggs from quail at this time of year, you will have to provide extra lighting using artificial way (electric light bulb). Your birds will need a minimum of at least 14-16 hours restrained per day.
Maybe they're not getting laid...the quail, not the eggs. :)
Depending on where you are, the temperature may not be right. We are going into winter here, so my button quail are not lay eggs right now. They will pick up again in the spring when the weather warms up.
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