Why do my cockatiel babys die?

hey every time i have baby cockatiels they stay alive for like 5 days afterwards die why is this do i need to seperate the male from the female n babys or wat do i do please aid me i want baby cockatiels so yer help plz thanx tom
I was told by a cockatiel breeder that in directive to have a successful hatching, you need to incubate the eggs within an incubator that you can probably purchase at any farming store. If they aren't kept warm, they don't develop properly and therefore cannot survive.
There are many things that can cause this, the parents maybe bloodbath them, it could be environment do you use any cleaning products that smell strong or use non-stick cookware in your home. It could also be that one or both of the parents could have an malady, or parasite or bacterial infection they could be passing down to the chicks, I would have the parents checked out by a vet first thing to rule out any condition being passed down to the chicks..
Answers:    They could be dying for any number of reasons. Unless you own seen the male being aggressie toward the chicks you involve to leave him in. It is possible your birds just stop feed them for some reason or that one of your adult birds is sheding a virus that is massacre the chicks. Are you over checking the nest box (on other words constently looking in on the chicks) with some birds that can cause the parents to pass over the chicks or even injury them trying to protect the nest. Are you providing appropriate soft foods for the parents to feed the chicks? Some birds are also just bad parents and won't bump up a clutch of chicks properly regardless of what you do.
Are you using teflon frying pan? because when it is heated, it releases toxic chemicals to the birds. Teflon frying pans have black surfaces.

The cocktails also might be sick. If they are babies, you have to contribute them little grains.

hope this helps. there are masses other reasons...
hope no more die... :(
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