Why is our parakeet pulling out feathers?

We got her about four months ago. She's very loving and singing to us adjectives the time. Yesterday she started pulling out feathers, this is something she hasn't done before. Anyone know why she would start doing this?
she is probably bord get some toys for it at a pet shop
The bird is upset or nervous nearly something have there been any recent change that could upset her. You need to calm her down my friend owns a bird that is smooth on top because it would not stop pulling its feathers out and now they wont grow back. Try getting your bird a special treat and petting her for a while every day to self-possessed her. Some times you tension can upset the bird. I know it sounds crazy but its true.
maybe she hates u and your whole family unit so she wants to kill herself
by ripping her self on the outside
Parakeets chirp they don't sing
Right now most of the birds are moulting so they
have spike loss.
Unless you bird has mites.
The way to find that out is put a white cloth to cover the
cage tonight and surrounded by the morning look for red dots on the cover.
To get rid of the mites iron the cloth with a hot iron or wash it
within hot water and do it again tomorrow.
cuz be animals
Birds usually verbs their feathers out because they're bored or stressed.
They usually pull out their feathers because they are stressed or irritated by mites. Have in that been any changes in her routine? Has anyone she's attached to gone absent?

More importantly, are you sure she's pulling her feathers out and not going through a moult? Moults are natural :)
Answers:    It means they are bored because she may not have ample toys or its bored of its old ones.
Try rearrange the perches and nurture dishes and toys.
So then it is alert that you have changed things and she should be curious about it she should stop picking out it's feathers after awhile.
Keep shifting her cage round every 2-3 months so she doesn't pull out her feathers again.
she is nervous about something!
There are both medical and non-medical causes for feather picking. The trunk medical causes include changes in hormone level, external and internal parasites, malnutrition, internal disease, and bacterial or fungal infections of the skin and/or feather follicles. Interestingly, and opposite to popular opinion, external parasites (mites in particular) are extremely scarce among caged birds. The non-medical causes are psychological and/or stress related.
Feather picking is generally a problem of birds in captivity. Wild birds do not barb pick because they are too preoccupied with their own survival and with reproduction. Captive birds (pet birds and those in zoos and avicultural collections) last out stress not experienced by their wild counterparts. Captivity, malnutrition, solitary living, absence of a mate beside which to fulfill courtship rituals and mating needs cause meaningful stress, in addition to stress associated with confinement in a home (noise, confusion, presence of other pets, such as dogs or cats, which represent potential predators to caged birds).

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