Why would my manly parakeet spit up on his toy mirror?

well, i am simply gonna say he's trying to impress this other bird by regurgitating to her. Take the mirror out, this cause birds to win stressed and not want to come out get mean because they want to protect the other bird.
Because the parakeet is regurgitating his food. My parakeets do it all the time. It's normal behavior. The males like to look at themselves surrounded by the mirror. In fact, my one male is totally obsessed near looking at himself in the mirror! They get so excited at seeing the parakeet in the mirror that they regurgitate their food onto it. It's a bonding point with parakeets. I guess that means they love themselves. No need to verbs.
Tha's a normal thing for parakeets to do. They just in recent times love admiring themselves & they also love drinking fresh water!

My parakeets also does the same entry as your parakeet!
He or she is in love with its toy. This is sign of affection and they will often do this to objects such as toys or to a human they bond near. also will sometimes get very territorial with the toy they enjoy chosen for a mate.
sometimes im really suprised by all the questions people ask. some question make no sense. people are just unschooled about pets they keep. parakeets act approaching that. maybe if you did some research you woluld know few other stuff. Why is my parakeet drinking water.
why is my parakeet singin? hahahah And etc .. Try to memorize few things about the bird before you get the bird.
whether you asked a question like this i can just create in your mind what the poor bird eats every day. Im sure you lone have him on the seed diet and you buy all the food that have a parakeet picture on the food.. why why why why why. why do birds fly hahah
The bird probably thinks the bird surrounded by the mirror is its mate. If the bird does this to you it is a sign of love and affection.
Answers:    because he loves it! if you watch a pair of parakeets, they will spit up into respectively other's mouths. mine do it pretty much on a daily basis. gross i know but it's just what they do. he's a short time ago showing his 'imaginary' friend some lovin! ;)
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