A white worm come out of my cats rectum what do i do?

My cat has a little about a cm long white worm coming out of her and i enjoy seen one everyday on her tale... Can i get them and what do i do?? What is it??
it is a video worm. Your vet can give you some meds that will clear this up quick. Try not to panic. She will be ok
What do you do? DON'T PANIC!

Does this white worm look like a flat piece of rice? If so, it's a tapeworm. Your cat probably got it from drinking a mouse or some other small animal that was already infected with them. Cats can also get tapeworms by ingesting fleas when grooming themselves.

Try to enjoy it taken care of right away. However, if you can't catch to the vet right away (like in a few days) your cat should be alright. I discovered tapeworms on one of my cats on a Monday and had to lurk until Saturday to get to the vet; yet he was still OK.

Your vet will own some sort of medication to give your cat, within a day or two the worms should be out of your cats system; but hang on to in mind it's not hard for them to return whether your cat is inside/outside. You can also buy over the counter worming medicines from Pet Smart, Petco, even Wall Mart. I usually go to Pet Smart besides as they have a Banfield Pet Hospital right in the building.

Kitty will be ok.
You're cat have worms. Take her to the vet, they will give you proper worming meds and tell you how often she will call for worming.
It is a tape worm. You have to worm your cat every three months.

Go get some tablets from your local petshop or veterinary clinic.

Yes you can attain them as well, you might already have some. You can go to your local chemist and find some tablets for yourself.
It's a tapeworm, which she got any from eating a mouse or bird that had one inside, or from when she ate a flea while grooming--since fleas are part of the tapeworm enthusiasm cycle.

It's an easy fix. Phone your vet and tell them your cat has tapeworm and you necessitate medication for it. If they want proof ( some people claim all worms are tapeworm so they want to know that they're giving you the correct parasite medication) use two pieces of scotch cassette and stick the dead worm in between the sticky sides and take that down to them. They'll know fast that it's tapeworm and you can get the meds.

Tapeworm is very common. Just phone your vet and they'll seize you the right stuff.
Take her to the vet! You should also worm your cat regularly, you can buy any number of home worming kitty medication in the pet shop.
Answers:    it is probably a tapeworm fragment (it looks like little bits of rice around the cat's anus), your cat likely got a tapeworm for an infected flea. yes you can win a tapeworm IF you ingest it. The good news is.. if you help yourself to your cat to the vet, they will give you medicine for the worms and a flea treatment so the cat does not keep getting reinfected. it is rather inexpensive as well.
your cat has worms, and needs to go to the vet to grasp medicine to kill the worms. the worms can be very hamful to your cat.
It needs to see the Vet, it seems that your kitty is eating its own pup. The vet will give an account what to do. In the mid time feed him/her a good quality dry food and "cat grass" similar to "chia" but special for cats you will find it in pet stores.
It is because your cat have lice.
Take her/him to the doctor.
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