All of the sudden, my cat doesn't want to use her cat condo (cat tree) anymore. What the heck happen?

About 7 months ago I purchases a cat condo and my cat loved it. She'd scratch, sleep or just play on it all the time. But for olden times month or so she seems to have grown terrified of it. If I place her over the condo, she quickly dismounts it and goes somewhere else. I've tried moving it. Cleaning it. Nothing. It seems that she doesn't want anything to do next to it anymore. Is this sort of thing normal? Did she just achieve bored of it. Is it temporary or should I just go ahead and flog it on craigslist?
maybe it needs a sprinkle of catnip.
She may enjoy gotten hurt while playng on it while you were gone.
Depending on how old she is she migh have only just grown out of it or gotten bored with it.
maybe try removing it from you house (if you have a garage or somewhere else to put it) for a month after put it back and see how she treats it. if nothing seem to change then you should donate it to a humane society/animal rescue.
Answers:    True, cats are more nocturnal. My cat doens't play with his toys all day, but he certain does run around with them at night! She could have gotten spooked by something while she be on it, so now she fears it. Has anything changed in your home? Cats do not close to change, even just replacing a chair can set them past its sell-by date. You can put catnip on it to attract her to it, there are also calming pheremones you can buy. Comfort Zone is great for a skittish cat, and there are pheremone sprays.
Cats are like us they carry bored and need stimulus so as they all love smell put a few drops of lavender essence on it or grate a lemon and rub it on they love to explore different scents so this may be a exotic interest in the item or you can try put in some cat treats in the tree for her.Queens are more cantankerous next to personal belongings than the toms my 2 toms quite happily cherish their cushions but my old woman who is 24 will have a hissy fit and abandon most of her bedding or toys after as little as 2 weeks!
If it is near a skylight, did she see something in the yard that terrified her? Perhaps move it to where on earth she can be on high, but see only into the room, and not out a window. It may simply embezzle time for her to get over whatever scared her just about the cat tree.

The other thing is whether she uses it while you are sleeping. Sometimes, cats being what they are, will never do what you want them to do.
Before you get rid of it, sprinkle some cat nip on the top and see if that tempt her to investigate
It could be anything. She might have fell stale it and is now afraid of it. She might be bored with it. Try putting it away for a month or so. Then dispense it back to her. It might be like getting a new toy. My cat did this next to a sratching post. He loved it at first, then didn't bother with it for almost a year. Then sooner or later he loved it again. Who know why cats do what they do...They just do
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