At what age do cats die?

Do you have a Cat. if so how old is it?
my cats 18 but there's was one surrounded by the paper who was 27 years old which is 127 surrounded by cat years,
Some cats are very soon living until their early to mid-twenties thanks to modern husbandry and veterinary meticulousness. This would be the equivalent of a geriatric human of about 90+ years of age!

A typical cat now lives 15-17 years. Note that the average cat lifespan took a HUGE leap upward once we transitioned most cats to an indoor lifestyle, and modern tablets entered the scene.

No i don't have one.
my step dad used to but he died when he was 4 years old he be run over by a car i don't know what age cats die really it is hard to tell
one of four of my cats is 12 and s still very strong but he does enjoy symptoms of getting old such as losing weight around his back legs and he is getting particularly lazy and stubborn.

all cats die at different ages the average age is approximately 15 but some cats live longer until they are around 20-22 years and they are very lucky whether they live up to 30
Mine are both nine years old. Cats start to budge off to the great cat flap in the sky from about 14 onwards, but 20 year old-fashioned cats are not rare.
Depends on their condition. My cat was 17 when she have to be put to sleep. She fell victim to kidney failure. It was really different the time after she died; my mom didn't see her on the bed and she went looking for a second then she realize that she was gone.

PS: My cat's name was Missy. She be 84 in human years.
Cats live longer then dogs I hear.

Can someone help my firend PLEASE!!
I the cat girl will love you for life =3
Generally, cats have a life span of 13-15 years. If you embezzle good care of them, they can live far past that age. My first cat lived to be approximately 18. My current cat is approximately 5 1/2. (Both be strays so exact age was hard to determine)
all cats have a different afternoon to pass. A lot depends on health, care, inside cat, external cat. Mine lived 16 years. But my friend has one that's over 20 and in great health.
Love them while you enjoy them, take good care of them. And you'll hold no regrets. I hope yours lives a long time, I sure miss mine.
if a cat is 20 years old this is equivalent to 96 years of human life, so long as they find 23 and a half hours sleep a day they live for a long time, OH and get prime moggie morsels, such as chicken, ham and other luscious as snacks.
My first cat lived to be 14, until a car ran over him...
Cats can, and do, live into their 20's and I believe near have been some who have made it to 30, although to be precise rare. A good age would be 18-19.
Mine lived to 18
I know someone who had a cat until it was twenty.
All of my cats have lived into their early 20's. 21, 22 or 23 years apart from one I just lost two weeks ago, she was only 18 years outdated. She was the youngest age I've ever lost one at.
I had two cats and they both died. One of them be called Moses and he had had a sports car accident in his past life span. He lived to 15yrs old. My other cat, Susie, lived to 18 and a half. Some cats live to 20. It depends on what breed of cat you have get, what its life is like, and it also is down to food and injury's.
I have two cats

Maizy - 1 and 4 months
Bobby - 11 months.

They can live up to 16 to 18 years maybe even more :-)
My cat died when she was 21. I estimate the average cat lives to late teenage years.
i have a cat that is 21 years old! He's a year elder than I am...and he still runs around like he's a kitten
they get relatively old I do not have a cat but my neighbour's cat was 21 years I do know they hold 9 lives?
My cat died at 15yrs behind the times,i knew of a friends cat who lived to be 21yrs old.
Answers:    There is no set age at which a cat dies. They are adjectives different like humans and it depends on genetics, breed, how they have be taken care of, if they are indoor or outdoor, etc. Our oldest so far is 15. But we had a cat a long time ago that lived to 22. All ours stay indoors.
i have two cats one is 2 and the other one is 6
Cats can live a long time with proper comfort. My oldest cats were about 18 or 19 when they died. The youngest was a newborn. We lost our rex at 15 1/2 yrs antiquated a few years ago.

Our cats now are 2 and 3 yrs old, so we should have them around for a long time. I'll be getting another kitten surrounded by the spring.
My cat is 11 1/2. I hope she lives much longer.
i no one who died at 22yrs
Cats die at all different ages

My cat is 19 and still living strong :)
We lost our Babby a couple of weeks ago, he was only 9 :(
My friends cat Scruffles be the grand old age of 23 and my inlaws cat, Trouble was 19.

Take charge you, Lulu x

'tis a in good health known fact that skycats live for ever. xx

Our cat is 10, 12 to 15 years mostly
It Varies, One Of my Cats Lived till 22
(then it went insane and we put him to sleep)
And 2 others died at 1-2 by cars.
And the one we have now is 1 and a partially and has been catnapped once and hit by two cars, it have 5 metal rods sticking in his leg till it is healed
What is cause my cat to start peeing everywhere?   Can anyone communicate me what these are on my cat's stomach?   Kitten age to take them?   What should i do next to my kittens tonight  1)have them as house pets or 2)out side pets?