Bacteria surrounded by a cats mouth? ?

I keep seeing someone posting answers that cats mouths are the dirtiest ever and a lot of other stuff. I thought cats had some features of bacteria that was good, not horrid? :/
or that's what i've other been told by everyone.
I mean of course there's going to be impossible bacteria obv, like every animal including us, but is it really that bad?

Note: don't give an account me that it can be bad if they bite, i know it can, but so can any other animals bite.
Its not that bad. Bacteria dies soon after it leaves the cats mouth so if your worried just about being infected from your cat licking you or something don't be too worried. They need good microbes in their mouths to break down bad bacteria, such as ingestion things that arent food, (bugs, insects, you know the gross things cats eat) but this won't harm you or your family.
cat's mouths are considered "dirty" because they are carnivors firstly, and adjectives carnivores harbour a lot more bacteria contained by the mouth than herbivores, due to the nature of their diet.
Secondly, cats mouths are closed - if you notice dogs, most of them enjoy their mouths open a good deal of the time. This money the bacteria don't have the comfortably protected areas to breed in that that do within a cat's mouth, which is rarely open (unless it's my cat, because he meows so much!!). Cats get most of their wet from their food, rather than drinking. They naturally have a drier mouth, which is not "rinsed" by the doings of drinking the way a dog's mouth is.Dogs have an antiseptic type component to their saliva which limits the microbes growth. They also drink a lot more than cats, flushing their mouths clean with sea more often. can be dirty but healin at the same time. its dirty because they lick themselves.all over...and its also healin because iono...for THEIR OWN wounds probably not urs...
if youre cat have bad breath or smelly mouth. you can go to the pet shop and buy a cat tooth brush and brush their teeth and brush their tongue . there are some cats breath mints to keep hold of their mouth fresh .
ask a vet to know for sure
cats are very verbs animals :)
Answers:    The bacteria serves a purpose. Cats are strict carnivores and that diet can potentially introduce some mortal bacteria into their bodies. Cats also have very short digestive systems, so the breakdown of food begin at the mouth, thus a very potent saliva. The specialized bacteria in a cats mouth is not 'dirty' for them, and is polite in aiding them to process other bacteria that may be eaten.
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