Best Brand of Cat Food?

Ever since I got my cat I've been feeding her IAMS kitten food.
I other thought that was a premium brand of pet food... but according to some of the answers i've gotten her, I was wrong.

So my question is, which brand (preferably available surrounded by stores) IS the best choice for healthy cats?
Iams, and almost all cat food you buy surrounded by a grocery store or walmart is crap. It is full of carbs that cats can't digest-corn, corn gluten, wheat, wheat gluten, soybean mill run (WTF?), rice, etc.

A cat is an obligate carnivore, which means it MUST eat meat. You should switch your cat to a grain free can cat food like Wellness (available at PetCo), Innova EVO ( mail order or pet specialty shops) or even particle free varieties of Fancy Feast.

If you feel you must feed dry food, at lowest possible feed a grain free one like Wellness Core or Innova EVO dry.

Dry cat food cause obesity, diabetes, kidney failure and a host of other problems. Part of the problem is that the commercial pet food companies go to the vet school to tout their food as the best, and to offer incentives to the vets for selling it.

Cornell Veterinary School and several other vet schools are proponents of a small piece free wet diet.

For more info on feeding your pet, go to Real info by a actual vet.

Well, I would have to say that the very best food for cats is a tie between the Wellness strip (specifically Wellness CORE) and Innova EVO. Both contain 50% protein, and have amazing ingredients. Cats need a high-protein diet to remain healthy.

These foods are for adjectives life stages. I have a 5-month-old kitten and an 18-year-old cat both eating indistinguishable food (Wellness CORE)- they each have shiny coats, inquisitive personalities and on form weights.

The only reason I've chosen CORE over EVO is the fact that EVO contains cottage cheese, and I'm not certain I really like that.

If you're feeding dry food, make certain your cat is encouraged to drink lots of water. :) I've found that my cats drink more water the cooler it is and the deeper the bowl it's surrounded by.

I've included the links to each company below so you can compare ingredients. Good luck!
I have other fed my cat Whiskas.

Jake is now 10 and going strong :)
Iams Natures Wellness food isn't bad-it's more than 30% chicken which is better than most supermarket dry foods. The standard Iams range isn't so good though-both wet and dry.
EDIT: contained by reference to the high protein foods-there have be cases where cats on these foods have kidney damage from the large protein levels. You have to remember cats are living longer than they used to so what what works for cats in the mad that have shorter lives isn't necessarily best for pets that live to 20+ years.
There are some good brands out there in the pet stores. don't buy anything from Walmart or supermarkets. Food such as whiskas, iams, science upright!

Like the other person said, cats are carnivores and need to eat meat. Look at some of the holistic brands such as Wellness, EVO, etc. Check the ingredients - the first 2-3 ingredients should be meat (e.g. chicken, chicken liver, etc). It shoulnd't be anything processed.

Go for can food as oppose to dry food. Dry is the real junk!! It's approaching McDonald's for us!

I personally feed raw meat and I believe that's even better than can food. Check out your pet supplies stores and see if they sell any frozen raw meat. If they do, afterwards go for the raw meat. It's the most natural food you can contribute to cats. It's what they would use in the nature. When they catch a mouse they don't cook it..they get through it raw! Canned food is cooked and there is some loss of vitamines, etc.
Go visit the Wellness, EVO, etc, websites and they hold store locators there.

Turns out I can get both of these brands, plus quite a few other grain-free can foods, at a local pet store chain called Complete PetMart. You might have stores within your area that carry them, too. It seems close to it's often some of the mom-and-pop or local pet stores that carry specialty items like these, where on earth Petsmarts and stuff don't. The best brand at petsmart is the blue buffalo stuff.
If you mean in GROCERY stores, nought is especially good.

But there are plentiful good brands available in pet stores. Petco carries two (Wellness and Natural Balance), some Petsmarts convey one (By Nature Organics), and others you might have to go to an independently owned pet store to find. Or sometimes organic groceries convey one or another.

These are the best:
What to feed:

The best of the worst - dry foods: My personal picks are Wellness Core, Innova Evo or Nature's Variety Instincts. A new line that looks clothed is Merrick's B.G. (Before Grain). I agree with some of the foods listed here but not all. I am joyous to review ingredient lists if requested:

I personally have used Instincts, Wellness and Natural Balance.
Cats have much more sensitive digestive systems than dogs. My cat spent 2 days at the vet because of the food he ate for 8 years. His urinary tract become blocked with crystals, causing him to not be able to pee. And a amazingly hefty vet bill. Now he eats science diet. You will not be able to find it at Meiji or walmart. But it is at tractor supply. You can also purchase it online and have it deliver. Its very costly both ways though. 10lb bag is about 20$

But something i.e. absolutely the best food for cats would be raw meets. Chicken, salmon, liver. It is apart of their inbred health. Same as dogs. But that is yet again, vastly costly. Hope this helps.
my cat is 16 yrs old and been eating Fancy Feast for 16 yrs.
Everyone has their own opinion about what food to use.every animal is different but I have using Iams Dry Cat Food since they were kittens and they love it..They won't get through anything else..I take them to the vet for check-ups every year and he said my babies were very joyful and healthy.I asked him about Iams and he said if they similar to feed it to them that it was a well certain cat food and he has never seen any problems with their diet. Good luck on your verdict on what to feed your baby. They eat the Iams preminum diet for 1 yr or elder...
try looking up homemade recipe for cat food
science diet is the best but that mostly avalible in vet maybe in targets im not certain... but I also heard meow mix is good = hope this helps =)
Answers:    A simple answer. Check the wet food ingredients and the higher percentage of meat surrounded by the food, the better. preferably with few preservatives. and by meat, i mean it should not state meat derivatives.
I use Hi-Life as it contains 60% meat. I think a bit dry food is ok, left out in case your cat get hungry when yr not around.
Evo or wellness those are the top two.
I have 5 cats- 2 indoor & 3 outdoor so this is from personal experience. My oldest cat is 10 & very fighting fit & active. I feed all my cats Taste of the Wild brand. I similar to it because it's grain free & has no corn, soy, or by-products. It's also very assured on their stomachs- I have one cat that has a super touchy stomach & she have no problems at all with this food. I also like Fromm but it's not available surrounded by my area. Most people complain because it's a little more expensive (but not much compared to Iams) but I've found that they get through less so in the long run it's more cost effective. It's terrifically high protein! I hope this helps!
iams is resembling the good stuff, mine likes fancy fest the best
Mine eat whatever i fancy buying them, they eat Iams, science diet, Purina pro plan, etc ect. and they are adjectives perfectly healthy.
Feed your cats whatever you get the impression comfortable feeding them and if your cat has be on Iams since you had him/her and is so far healthy, then preserve him on Iams.
Lots of people will state to you a specific brand that they believe best. It can cause a lot of mental stress looking for the best cat food,
Iams is a pretty polite quality cat food anyway.
Good luck and dont stress on what everyone else says motive everyone has there preferences.
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