Can cats devour applesauce? ?

Okay, my cat licks the rest of the applesauce out of the bowl. I was wondering if it be safe for him so. let me know!
It won't harm him, but it's best if he doesn't have too much sugar.
In small quantity as a once-in-a-while treat, it should be fine.
It won't hurt him, but I wouldn't let him do it habitually. You don't want to him to get in the habit of wanting human food so put the bowl on the floor so that he *knows* that *you* are giving it to *him*. You are not allowing him to choose it and bear it.
i let my cat lick my applesauce container when i get through it. he was just fine. cats prefer more salty foods, but a touch sugar wont harm them.
A few licks of applesauce won't hurt him. Might be his fruit intake for the day.
Answers:    Generally, this should be avoided unless you make the applesauce yourself or it is natural. There are still pesticides in applesauce that is from the larger brands that humans consume. Our body can get rid of these toxins better than a cat can. One of my cats have a sweet tooth as well, so I do understand the temptation. A little apple sauce most feasible will not kill him or her, but I would only let this evolve rarely and it should be organic or home-made.

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