Can cats enjoy research disabilities or downs syndrome?

they can be "slow" but not beside downs syndrome... that's a human condition
why are there so many silly questions no they can not only people can return with down syndrome .. why would you compare learning disabilities people can get and put them on animals .. .. you a moment ago have a silly cat and if it have any thing wrong with it why have you not taken it to a vet ..
here has only been a set of mouses that be genetically modefied buy humans its only spontaneous in humans its on the 21t Gene
Answers:    When a cat's mama has a problem at birth...
cord wrapped around kitty's neck, etc. they can develop
all kind of problems from visual (problems with depth perception), physical (staggering walk)
to mental slowness-difficulty learning.
I know this 1st appendage because I have
a cat like that. I wondered what was wrong near him
because he walked strange...his hips would go in one direction, his chest and person in charge in the opposite.
The vet examined him and said he was
"challenged" because of oxygen deprivation at birth, after
explained all the possibilites in ways it may exhibit and sure ample, it did. Didn't make him any less loveable though,
but like "special needs" kids, he have a harder time with social situations, including relating to the other cats and they pretty much ignore him. He can get too aggressive next to play. (He really can't understand other's limits until the other cat gets really really batty or I put him down and ignore him.)

I still wouldn't trade him for the world. He is so sweet and lovable and forgiving (he really can't remember too much to stay mad). And he's taught me a great deal roughly speaking tolerance and patience.
well i don't know about downs syndrome, but i watch a program last night about pets near special needs, and i'm sorry that the animals may suffer because i love all animals, but it was one of the funniest things i own seen, and i couldn't help but laugh
did you put him in the microwave
I think that cats have disabilities and syndromes as people
Actually, Cat's can hold a similar form of Downs Syndrome. I adopted a cat with this sort of disability. It was a bit tough to spot at first.
No, cats have their diseases and we have ours...
what happens when a human get down syndrome is they have one extra chromosome. one more than a common human would. i'm sure cats could develop this, but of course it wouldn't be called "down syndrome" because the cat would own different symptoms than a human with the disease.
Yes, my neighbours one have learned to sh*te all over my garden and now have a disability were I stotted a brick off its heed. Hopefully its now get Down's.
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