Can cats still hold gratifying sex lives after getting spayed and/or neuter?

I just got my kittens spayed and neutered yesterday, and am wondering whether I did the right thing. Will they be happier?
Their sex lives are governed by hormonal shifts that they can't control. Once they're spayed/neutered that goes away. However some manly cats still get 'happy' on soft things occasionally.

They'll be happy, don't worry.


Humans and some more intelligent mammals (not cats and dogs) are the lone animals that have sex for pleasure. All other animals do it for TOTALLY natural reasons to transport on their bloodlines, not for the pleasure aspect.

You've got to understand, after fixing them, the cats won't want to have sex (they won't step into heat or have sexual 'feelings') so they won't have a sex go at all- but they won't care.

Of course you did the right thing! It prevents various cancer and, of course, pregnancy and some diseases. You can NEVER go wrong with spaying/neuturing cats.
OMG. People this is why some people should not own ANIMALS lol,because you don't understand them.Once a cat is fixed, it is happier. Nature allows a cat to become in fry,so the male cat can mate(the female will usually try an box a bit with the male)so the cat can reproduce. the cat doesn't care other than it is Nature doing its career.Fixing your cat will mean it has a less credible chance of developoing mammory cancer later and will be a happier indoor cat.
Only two types of animals have sex for pleasure - humans and dolphins. The rest just do it to manufacture babies. When you spay/neuter them, they no longer make the hormones that make them want to make babies. And since there's no desire for that as leisure, it really doesn't bother them. I think once they heal from the surgery, they don't miss a thing.

Good luck near your kittens!
Answers:    You did the right thing. Did you know that two breeding Cats can produce over 1 million kittens total in a year whether no one fixed them? Crazy! Cats do not have a need to enjoy sex after being fixed, but dont worry it doesnt bother them. Most of them prefer to cuddle. Actually, I think they grasp less stressed out after they are fixed, because they are not always fretting about finding a mate. It can really stress them out.
In the end it probably doesnt event. Think about all the females he could have impregnanted and afterwards all the kittens that may not of gotten a home...

I had a manly cat who was fixed and still Pleased was weird..I dont carry it hahaha..
YES, they will be happier & improved!

As for satisfying sex lives... most early N/S don't know what they missed - including the various robustness risks associated w/ breeding.

OTH - I have had 1 or 2 neuters turn into "teaser toms"... they will breed females to bear them out of heat when you do not really want to breed them.

On rare occasions a spay will allow a masculine she likes to mount her.
You did the right entry - believe me! They don't have sex after being neutered. They are not resembling people - animal sex is only driven by the hormones in the body.
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