Can I dispense my cat benadryl to unflappable him?

I just moved my cat into a new apartment today. I am have him sleep in the laundry room. He was fine with it until I turned on the wash machine. He started flipping out and meowing like crazy. Can I give him bit of a benadryl to help him calm down? He may also be wound up because I took him on a car ride nowadays and he HATES it.
NO! human medicine is badbadbaddoomed to failure for animals.
NO. They produce products especially to calm pets down. One brand I have used since is ContentUm drops, available at Petco in the aisle with the hairball remedies and ear mite drops. Even stuff like that should be used surrounded by moderation, only when it is absolutely necessary (Like up to that time attempting to put them in their crates for a car ride...) Human medicine is not well-mannered for cats. Even though the vet might prescribe something like Amoxicillin that we humans use too, it is in a much smaller dosage which is hard for someone who is not vet trained to determine on his own.
Rule #1 of any type of pet - you do NOT give them human medication!! I don't care what ANYONE say. This is the biggest no-no in the world of pets!!

I also don't agree with you secluding your pet in the laundry room. My cats enjoy free roam on our house, all 4 of them. While, I can understand some reasons for a impermanent fix confining a pet to a room ... I do not agree with it being a long term solution particularly with a loud noise in the room beside it. That's just horrible for the scared little kitty. First you move him to an unfamiliar location and presently you just put him in the laundry room with a loud crack. No wonder he flipped out!

Maybe the reason your kitty is leaving dirty litter prints on your bedding is because you aren't taking the time to keep the litter CLEANED properly. I enjoy FOUR cats and I never have that problem.
Sure benadryl will composed him. He'll be nice and still and quiet. Very still and quiet, for a very long time (like read out forever).

Never give a cat human medicine, especially stuff approaching benadryl! Just pet him, comfort him and talk nicely to him. He'll poised down eventually. Do everything you can to make him comfy.
No! You can kill your cat! Your cat is alarmed...he will be okay in a few days.leave him alone.

dont give that to your cat! call a vet or something1 JEEZ

or travel buy soe dang cat nip! you dont know how that will affect your cat! so please.DONT! would you take your cats medicine? i dont think so.

moral luck though! i didnt want it to come across mean...its jst really important that you DO NOT GIVE IT TO YOUR CAT!
Answers:    Don't run the washer when the cat is in the laundry room. Cats do NOT like loud, banging scares the heck out of them. Also, have you read the many "horror" stories of those who "accidentally" shut the dryer door with their cat inside...and it died?

Laundry rooms are very dangerous for cats. When you're doing your laundry, embezzle him and put him in your bedroom..or somewhere else ..far away from the noise. He a short time ago needs your reassurance, right now..not Benadryl.

Give him some time and lots of "cuddles" for awhile, and he should be fine. And remember to remove him when you're doing the laundry.

Hope this helps.Good luck.
People medicine is practically the same entity as animal medicine, but i dont think that benadrly will calm your cat down. you should lately move him out of the laundry room, or maybe he will get used to the the laundry machine.
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