Can i use Frontline for my cats a week since the deadline?

you can tell the reason being is that we're really suffering near the fleas here. i've been cleaning every corner of my house almost everyday and washing every bit of clothes/bedsheets surrounded by every room weekly now...
theres a week to go but ... it really needs to be done! can it?

a week earlier the next bit of frontline.. will it harm my cats?

if not...anyone get any tips to nuke these blood sucking b(a)stards?
Technically it's OK but one-sidedly I wouldn't use it on my precious cats that near the deadline, just in defence of a build up of toxicity. I sympathise with your plight really I do but I'd still wait until I could get to the vet and buy some unsullied treatment.

I'd use out of date stuff on myself but NOT my cats.
it should be fine to use, it wont harm the cat or you, and th borax perception is much better than the insecticide, for it leaves residue and can harm pets and people ever after all the poison is out of the house, besides borax isn't really that toxic (if you should miss a bit after vacuuming), use the flea preparation on your cat, and you can try the borax view for the house, it might not work as well as a house fogger, but it is much safer and better for your house (and it doesn't smell as bad either)
Answers:    Yes, provided the package has be resonably cared for: not left in the porthole all summer absorbing heat, etc.

You might consider staying with a friend for the weekend and setting rotten a couple of insecticide bombs.

They are miserable to clean up afterward, but problem will be gone.
Here is what is happening... the house is infected.
so they save getting new ones.
do this it works like a charm.

I have a NATURAL remedy for getting rid of fleas within your house.

Go to the Store and buy some 20 Mule Team BORAX. (you find it in the soap isle)
Then sprinkle it all over. Carpets, couch, bedding, pillows, PET BED’s, saloon, even wood floors.
I walk around on the floor so it gets down into the fibers. Rub your hand over the sofa, etc.


What Boax does is coats the eggs ... The eggs hatch deformed or unable to reproduce.
You will have to do this 2 or 3x about a week apart surrounded by order to get all the egg cycles.

Since I did this I no longer hold fleas in the house. Since you vacuume it up it is not a danger to pets or children.

FOR YOUR PET. Use the topical flea killer specifically on the market or wash with Dawn dish wash soap (make sure to rinse all soap out) and use a flea comb (this is also a head lice comb) particularly for kittens or puppies who are too young to have insecticide put on them.
Kill the fleas that you find on the comb with soap or alcohol

no dont do it, you need to treat your house aswell as the cat. go to the vet and draw from some stronghold, maybe your cat is imune to frontline
yes it will be ok to use, u need to spray your house, if u are getting bitten sounds approaching quite a bad infestation, happens to us adjectives at sometime or other, use a good household spray there are loads to choose from, hoover before u spray to take them awake, spray all the corners under beds etc, or whether your lazy like me i just own a good hoover then buy the smoke bombs they come in an aresol i find that one will do adjectives of upstairs and the stairs i open draws and wardrobes, shut the downstairs door and let it do its work, afterwards when its safe to go upstairs, i sit in the garden lock the cats out for an hour and do downstairs, living done and ive not hurt my back bending to get under cupboards and bed, do the cat and sit back and relax they will all be dead contained by 24 hours. good luck
Actually, my vet said yes - 21 days later is OK whether there is a bad infestation going on.

Also you might switch it up and try Advantage this month - sometimes the little blood suckers get resistant to one type of medication and it help to switch to another. You can switch back and use your Frontline again later.
Yes use it straight away it will not harm your kitty.

I use frontline too it is completely good and during the summer months i tend to put a new pippet on him around every 60 days as fleas are a real hasstle whether you have a break out.

Also, you can purchase a can of spray for your carpets that lasts a year too, it's around 10 pound a tin so rather ecpensive as you use it all in one go on adjectives your carpets in the house.

Just close all window and doors and keep ALL pets away from your house for about 3 hours or so as the fumes will hurt them (and us lol)

Im sorry i can't remember what it is call but a good vet would be able to tell you.

Hope this have helped.

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