Cat Foaming at the Mouth?

I have a female INDOOR cat that, lately, has be having pink/watery eyes. Yesterday I found her in my room drooling foam all over the place. I know for a certainty that she does not have rabies, so please don't even mention it. I cleaned her up and she's acting perfectly normal immediately. What do you think it could be?

Don't tell me to take her to the vet. I could hold figured that out on my own without the help of Y!A.
Also, don't try to be funny and read out she has rabies. She's already had her rabies shots, and would not be acting friendly towards me if she have rabies.
Best thing to do is to take the cat to the vet. If you have have any vet trainnig, then I wouldn't bother telling you what to do, since you would have have more training than I have.
severe allergies
could be time threatening because the airway can swell shut.
sorry, but you're gonna have to take kitty to the vet, if I'm right, she will involve antihistamine, possibly steroid shots.
bile is foamy... so she might hold just been trying to hork up a hair bubble.
give vaseline
or it may be an upset stomic.> give yougert

Cats foam at the mouth for various reasons. Could own been something she ate, allergies, sudden stress, nausea. I wouldn't be too concerned if it's an isolated incident.

Answers:    Hiya,

If she still has pink, watery eyes, she likely have pink eye which requires an antibiotic to rid her of it. It's just as contageous in cats as it is in folks.

The foamy drool could have easily been something she ate that she wasn't supposed to. Hopefully she isn't a cupboard starter like a few of mine and got into something really bad!

she may have just had be trying to get a hairball out, or spit something out. my cat had done this once. as long as she seems ok I wouldnt verbs to much but if it happens again call the vet
Sheesh, ask a quiz and tell us how to answer it??

red watery eyes generally indicate allergy.
She might have have a seizure; I know you know the "take her to a vet" answer is not popular, but only they can determine why she is have these symptoms -- could be anything from a form of epilepsy to head injury or even poisoning (if she might have eaten something she shouldn't, not that she be purposefully poisoned). Is she able to get to anything potentially dangerous? Of course I'm certain nothing is purposefully left out, but could she have eat some random thing off the floor? There's like mad of possibilities, and a vet will help determine what has happened.

EhJudy--Please do not distribute your cat vaseline and yogurt! Petromalt is made for cats and not petroleum jelly, which is what Vaseline is (V. is for EXTERNAL use only on HUMANS, read the label). Yogurt is a dairy product and cats cannot digest it. Just because it might make us feel better to guzzle yogurt doesn't mean a cat's digestive system can handle it.
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