Cat losing profoundly of claws?

My cat has been steadily losing claws for the past few months. I've found just about five or so with long periods of time with no incident, but he never seem to be hurt or bothered. Is this normal? Do they grow back just close to ours?
You're probably seeing the shed SIDES of the claws, check and see if one side has a sort of groove on it contained by a sort of arch. These come off the main claw as the claw grows out, it's completely normal. they shed from both sides, so near 18 toes, that's 36 potential nail sheds coming off one cat in only just one cycle.
Your cat can't lose its claws and not be bothered or in dull pain. The claw of a cat has part of its structure within the paw, and losing it would be close to losing your fingers to the first joint.

It's also about as hard to remove as your first finger collective. I suppose theoretically a cat could have ONE freak accident and seize a claw ripped out... but like a human losing a finger, this isn't going to happen over and over randomly.

I suspect what you're finding is in fact the dead outer claw casing. These are shaped like a claw, but are hollow and brittle. Shedding these is without fault normal, and has to happen for the claws to stay good.

You should check your cat's paws carefully, gently extending respectively claw by pushing on the toe pad. If there are claws actually lost and healed over, or you see blood and gaping holes and open wounds, get to the vet directly. If you don't see any of that, it was just the outer casing, and it's fine.

Keep your cat's claws fit by trimming them regularly, being careful not to cut to the quick, and product sure your cat has a scratching post or other scratch surface.
Answers:    Are you sure he's actually losing claws? I mean, are they total, solid claws, or could you be finding the hollow outer sheath of the claw that all cats shed on a regular basis?
Do they look like 'empty claws'?

If so, don't worry in the region of it. What is actually happening is that cats shed the outer layer of their claws periodically, much close to a snake that sheds it's skin every now and then.

Its one of the reasons why cats are insistent on using furnitures approaching nail files, to keep their claws looking like brand strange and getting rid of the old layers.

So long as you are not finding whole solid claws, blood spots or your cat licking a toe constantly, your cat is undeniably fine. :)

Hope this helps
Could be shedding them.
if the claws he is loosing are hollow as in like a snake loosing its skin, the snake slides out departing a shell of a skin then thats the same, if the "claw similar to shape is hollow and more or less whiteish!!" its only shedding, but if its close to an actuall claw, take the "claw" and your kitty to the vet asap as it might have been ripped from the paw close to a human finger being ripped from the hand and could be devistating,and irreplacable
I'm assuming you mean you are finding a sort of empty shell. This is normal. Cats shed the outer band of the claw as it grows.

If kitty is losing the entire claw, I mean the actual claw is falling out, there is something wrong and he needs medical attention.

Take one of his paw and gently squeeze it so his claws stick out and you can tell if at hand is something wrong.
Cat claws grow similar to onion skins, in layers that shed off. They are not resembling human or dog nails that grow out. Obviously your cat has a good place to cut into and sheds the outer nail that is then replaced near a
nice razor sharp new one underneath it.
Cats use scratching surfaces to hone their front claws, but they really cannot do that for their subsidise paws. So they chew on their back claws and a layer sheds bad. So if you are seeing transparent and hollow bits that look like claws, they are from the subsidise paws. That is perfectly normal.
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