Cat not chewing food??

I have a 11 year old cat, he is very live and has been all his go. He used to eat normally, but for the last few years he rarelyy chews his dry food, we rarelyy hear the ''crunch-chrunch'' nouns... I'm woried because he is quite old and I would like to know is this treacherous for him, should i give him more wet-kind food...? Thanks ahead!
He may enjoy a tooth problem being old. If u can try and look at his teeth and if he is o.k going on for this you may find something going on. He may have lost teeth over the years or be suffering from gum disease. Wet food will be far easier for him to deal with whether he has a problem i would recommend he has a visit to the vet. Weigh him and get sure he is not losing weight as the eye is not the best judge. I am not a vet but it sounds as though his teeth are cause the problem.
I think he will have teeth issues so would see a vet. Our cats done up with no teeth by the end of their long lives (they were both 20...I consider an 11 yr feeble cat young) but would still happily swallow dry food. The vet said they use their palettes to crush it.

It's probably a good idea to split his food into equal parts dry and raining anyway though as older cats often gain digestives issues with all dry, particularly kidney issues.
Answers:    He's got teeth problems. You really should get him to the vet to receive them checked out, as they can cause infections that can lead to an early passing. He might need to have some pulled. In the meantime, feed him showery canned food, it will be easier for him to eat and get the nutrition he desires.

By the way, 11 is not that old for a cat, more middle aged. I've had cats that hold lived to 18 years or older. :)
Cats do not "chew" thier food. THey are carnivores and they have pointy teeth made for ripping meat apart and breaking bones. They do not have flat grinding teeth made for "chewing" anything... including kibble. Your cat may "crunch" a pice of kibble once... but he is unable to chew it at adjectives.

Cats were never meant to eat dry food, also agreed as cereals or kibble. We, humans, make them eat it for convenience to us. It have nothing to do with them or their nutritional needs. It's completely species rude.

All small domestic cats descended from desert cats. In the wild, desert cats derive their entire liquid intake from their prey. They do not have a thirst contraption because they don't need it when eating a species appropriate diet. They get adjectives they need from what they eat. Additionally water be usually not available to them in their desert climate. So they do not often drink hose. Regular ol' house cats have descended from those same wild desert cats.

So in a domestic environment, your kitty does not get the moisture it needs from dry food and it’s almost other in a constant state of dehydration. Water fountains are encouraged to TRY to bring back your cat to drink more and your kitty may even enjoy it, but it will never meet its water intake desires drinking from a bowl.

Deadly feline illnesses such as diabetes, kidney failure, obesity, allergies, Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD), constipation, bladder stones, kidney stones, urinary tract blockages and Urinary Tract Infections (FLUTD), near and without deadly crystals run rampant these days. Cats are not taking surrounded by enough water to stave them off. Proper sea intake through a species appropriate diet alone can prevent most of these conditions.

Overall, wet is all around better for any cats diet, be it canned or Raw and they should never be feed dry cereal kibble if we wish to most closely match their undomesticated nutritional and dietary needs. Kibble meets our needs… not our cats.

I recommend varying the diet with a fixed rotation of 2 to 4 different brands of canned foods that your cat enjoys. If you do this, and allow your cat the same assortment they would hold in nature when eating mice, bugs, birds and rabbits, your cat’s digestive system won't be so sensitive and you won't hold to run around looking for a specific brand when your store is out. You will have a nice variety to choose from instead.

Canned foods I recommend you consider for your rotation:

Nature's Variety -
Wellness Grain Free Formula’s -
By Nature Organics -
Organix -
Evanger's Holistic Pheasant -
Evanger's Organic Braised Chicken -
Evanger's Turkey & Butternut Squash -

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