Cat not going to bathroom surrounded by litter box after declawed?

WE had our 3 year old cat declawed this past week and since he get home he won't go in the litter box! He's peed on our bed, the hearth rug, towels..we've tried shredded newspaper and the pellets (because you can't use regular litter for 2 weeks), but nothings working! I don't know if it's of late because its different litter or if he'll continue to do this! Any suggestions?
De clawing a cat is no worse that having your dogs tail or ears cropped,
Think approximately it, A Doberman is not born with those pointy ears.A Schnauzer is not born with a short tail either, they adjectives have to be cropped,they are cropped because that is the way their tail and ears are suppose to look, so that a person can sell them ,I think i.e. cruel.
I had both of my cats declawed, they were indoor cats, they did not have a problem using the litter box.Maybe your cat is really surrounded by pain and the soft bedding feels better on his feet. Maybe you could sermon to your vet about it and get him something for the pain, or something to desensitize his paw
Unfortunately this is not uncommon.
The older the cat is when the procedure is done the more pain they experience post operatively.
The elder the cat is when the procedure is done the more likely they are to experience inappropriate elimination.
Your cat is not doing this to spite you.
He is doing it because the stuff contained by the litterbox is causing him discomfort.
Ask the vet about pain control.
Bupenex and metacam are options.

Without pain management he will not alleviate as fast and this behavior could become preferrable to him.

Phone the vet who did the procedure and insist on pain management.
Most vet send declaw patients home on bupernex twice a day for 4-5 days
Any reputable vet will dispense torment meds for a cat who is having side effects post op
.Once the pain deceases the chances of getting you cat subsidise in that litter box increases.
Using the shredded newspaper is less traumatic to the paw while healing.
Once two weeks is up but a sand/silt like litter as it is easier on their paws.
Shame on you for getting him declawed. How would you like it whether someone cut off your fingers, which is basically the hell you just put him through for the sake of selfishness.

Declawing a cat is exceptionally painful and traumatizing. The stress of it can easily stress a cat out, which leads to such change in behavior. Then there's the texture of the litter; he's in enough distress as it is, I'm sure stepping into the rough, uneven and grainy litter isn't pleasant. He may or may not return to apt litter habits.

While honestly, having your comforts soiled seem rather fitting after putting your cat through this, there may be a solution. Take one of the soiled towels, or any other out-of-date towel or blanket, and fold it inside the litter tray. He may be willing to go if it's a soft surface that isn't going to hurt his poor foot.

Be prepared for more trouble. Some cats never recover from declawing, and experience lasting pain throughout their lives. His behavior may metamorphose further, so don't be surprised if he isn't the cat he used to be. And certainly don't try to force old conduct.
Many cats do not approaching having their litter changed, even when it's done for reasons like declawing. And a 3 year out-of-date cat would be more set in its way than a younger one.
You may have a problem near the bed and carpet because the odor permeates those two items and its difficult, if not impossible to catch that odor out. And that will continue to attract you cat. Try something like Nature's Miracle' or some other enzymatic cleaner formulated to get rid of those odors.
How could you be so cruel ? As everyone else who have a grain of sense has already said, you didn't 'have him declawed' you 'have him de-toed !' He is now crippled for life physically and mentally and I suppose will soon end up surrounded by a shelter with other poor cats who have been mutilated and still don't suit their 'owners' If he's lucky he might be adopt by a true cat lover who understands how he now feels, whether he's unlucky and no one takes pity on him , his life will be taken from him, at simply 3 years of age.
Why oh why didn't you do some research before you did this unforgivable thing ?

He is in pain and letting you know how he feels roughly you having chopped his fingertips off! Poor thing!!

why would you ever bring back her clawed its like taking off the first knuckles of your hand and foot ho selfish of you i hope she bites you every time your sleep ping never dewclaw a cat you should never own a cat Your an insensitive person with no erudition of cats you can clip the cats nails anytime Hope ever will she defend herself if she go outside, the reason she doesn't use the littler box is you cut her feet unscrew and it is very sore are You nuts.
His foot hurt, since you had the first joint of his toes amputated. He also may not like different litter--some cats are that picky. The problem may resolve or it may not, as it's a haphazard you take when you choose to declaw.

Pay attention, anyone who's considering it, ok?
Think about it, the Bed, carpet, and towels are soft, and not coarse. He's going on that, because when you declaw your cat, your actually removing a portion of the knuckle. Can you imagine how painful it would be to stand around contained by grainy litter after such a painful degree of surgery?
Answers:    First of all i.e. so sad he had them removed, he is now dilapidated for life. HIS TOES were cut off near bone cutters at the first joint, he isn't so happy right now.. SO we own to move on he is in pain and will be for a totally long time. YOU NEED TO TEAR up newspaper strips or buy a shredder and use that for his box there is NO WAY you can use standard cat littler not sure why any vet still do this barbaric surgery, you should do research on what is best to use for him, he will never be impossible to tell apart.. SORRY TO SAY.. UGH
what part do you not understand?

you cut past its sell-by date his toes. he walks on those, he scratchers in his litter box with them. his foot hurt, he cant scratch.

plus, cats, like humans, get even. you put him within pain, he gets even.

you do understand they remove the toes, not the claws?

skulk until he starts biting because he cant use his claws, and falling off things. this is nothing.
Yes I enjoy a suggestion, get down on your knees and beg that poor creature for forgiveness for mutilating him and making him deformed for life. Any cheeriness and pleasure he had in his life is immediately over and he is a disabled cat. You must have read by now the sickening reality of so call declawing...I just wish to God you'd read up on it before you, contained by your infinite wisdom and power, made such a devastating decision to betray your cat.
You now own the obligation to care for your disabled cat and provide something soft for him to use in his toileting.
How would you like to dig with your hand just after someone removed your fingertips. Think on that for a minute.
The cat's paws are sore. Surely you didn't think that at hand wouldn't be some complications from this; did you?
Go cut your toes off at the first joint near a guillotine, then try walking on stumps, or grainy cat litter. Don't think you would close to it would you? This is the price you will be paying for mutilating your cat, everywhere he is going to the toilet is soft - does not take a rocket scientist to work out why
Here's the entity a cats foot is NOT like a human foot, they WALK on their TOES, you have just have those toes AMPUTATED. A cats foot is much more like a human hand, with long extendible digits.

Go to the hospital, ask the doctor to amputate your fingers down to the first knuckle (by first knuckle I don't tight-fisted the first knuckle below your nail, I mean the knuckle below that) or to amputate HALF of your entire foot, then urgently go home and walk around on them. Scratch some litter surrounded by the litter box, jump up on to the bed or onto your scratch perch,and realize THIS is what YOU are asking your confused, sore and frustrated cat to do. Then YOU tell me why you're cat is refuse to use the litterbox and YOU tell me what you did wasn't wrong.

Declawing is NOT declawing it's detoeing, the vet performs 10 radical amputations of the cats toes down to the first knuckle, taking bone, fur, a small part of a set of the pad, the entire claw and severing FOUR vital tendons are several major arteries.

Plain and simple this cat is surrounded by ABSOLUTE AGONY and is finding it to painful to use the litterbox. This is a VERY common side effect that I'm sure you would already know almost before mutilating your cat (because you DID research the surgery before having it done...RIGHT?)

Cats are blatant MASTERS at hiding their pain so although he's not screaming he is likely still in far more backache then you can ever comprehend.

The older the cat, the LONGER the recovery and the HIGHER the destiny is for emotional and behavioural issues as well as physical complications (regrowth of the claw inside the pad for one) and the MORE discomfort the cat will be in.

MANY cats NEVER emotionally recover from the surgery and stop trusting humans altogether, they also refuse to ever use the litterbox again and start horror, defensive biting. If you think a cat scratch hurts skulk until you see how much fun it is to be bitten. (by the way most of these emotional problems come from the fact that the cat know what has been taken, doesn't understand why someone they loved and trusted have done this to them and never get over the trauma of the entire process)

You MUST call the vet and get this cat some discomfort killers to ease his pain.

Be forgiving and hopefully there won't be any serious side effects (although taking into account the cats age that is greatly unlikely).

Shame on ;you for mutilating an innocent, living, breathing, feeling creature.

Blessings to your kitty
That is one of the results that can happen to a declawed cat. I warn people give or take a few that - it may or may not stop. Because the cat didn't do it before the declaw YOU have to deal next to the consequences. Not a lot you can do. Try the scoopable litter - anything else hurts his feet and once they get litter tub avoidance, its hard to cure.

I'm sorry you chose to mutilate your cat by declawing. There were other ways to resolve any scratching problems.

Put something soft(towel)in his pan. BTW-there's NOTHING wrong w/declawing!
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