Cat trying to mount after mortal neuter?

My male cat was neutered nowadays. Early this morning.
Just a moment ago he bit Chester (the female cat) on her neck and tried to mount her. He bit her again in alike place a second ago, which I stop the altercation. He's also crying.
Is this normal behavior after a male cat have been neutered?
My husband had a vasectomy and he still gets aroused. The solely thing that has changed is his ability to impregnate. Same next to the cat. However, I must admit that my husband was not interested in sex for several days after the surgery. That cat must own a strong sex drive! The crying may be that while the mind is willing the body parts are sore. Don't worry, it will adjectives work out.
All my male neutered cats still mount my female cat when she's on grill (not spayed because she's indoors and all the cats I've had spayed have changed surrounded by personality and become antisocial and aggressive. I know a lot of cats are spayed with no problems but I've have bad luck and don't want to take the risk again). They don't actually creep into her, they just bite her neck and climb on top of her and..can't regard as of a more polite word.h##p her. It's perfectly normal for neutered cats to still do this - look at dogs, they'll h##p anything, and humans collectively dont lost their sex drive after the snip.
My cats don't mount my spayed female cat and they only mount the other one when she's in fry. However I used to have a spayed cat who had a boyfriend next door who be neutered, and they used to mate properly, all the way, adjectives year round.
So its nothing to worry about! I hold a pervert female dog who jumps on boy cats especially masculine kittens.she's something to worry about!! You cat is normal. But you're right to verbs about him hurting himself after the op, so, I hope he gets better soon x
He newly doesn't know any better, try mounting him so he know what it feels like.
Sometimes a cat will keep having the urge until his chemicals really die down. It is crude for them to do this. It will subside with time. He probably doesn't understand and is uncomfortable, so he is crying a bit. If it doesn't subside within a few weeks you should talk to the vet. Some male cats never stop spraying. But the mounting will stop.

If the female is spayed it will be better for him to grasp over as well.
1st off, he be just neutered today, so the hormones are still contained by his system. he should really mellow down in a few days,

also mounting isnt only about sex for cats, its a territorial article as well, i dont know if hes a new cat or be there before your other cat
he could be telling her "this is mine!"

also he probably a short time ago got back from the vet right? he might just be reclaim his territory.
His hormones will be a bit wonky for a while. More than likely he was trying to instill himself back into the household again. It be probably not a sexual thing as much as a dominance thing. This often happen when one animal has been removed from the household and the other animals have not.
Answers:    Yes, his hormones are a mess right now. Also, don't be totally surprised whether he decides to spray while hes re-adjusting. He will be ok. As far as the crying, did they send any pain meds domestic with you? When my cat was spayed they gave me 2 solution syringes of pain meds, for the following 2 days. They should have given you some too and I would call to ask for some whether they didn't. I don't care what some people say, affliction is pain, and I can't picture any person getting a vasectomy or hysterectomy without meds, no style.
well you entail to take him back to the vet
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