Cat wound: Can I treat this at domestic?

I do not currently have a vet, but I want to know if this is something I can treat easily or something that requests vet attention.

I recently took in a cat who has a wound at the rear his ear from a fight with another cat. The wound is about as big as my thumb print.

It is scabbed over and does not look infected or raining or anything.

However, my cat keeps shaking his head and scratching it. It doesn't give the impression of being to be healing or growing back fur, but it doesn't really seem to be getting worse any.

My sister suggested that I clean the wound, put on some neosporin and then have the cat wear one of those cone things so he can't keep hold of scratching it.

Is that a good thing to do, or should I lug him to a vet?

Thanks for your time!

Congrats on the foreign cat! And advance congrats on your new vet!
You are going to want to have a vet whether you plan on keeping the cat. Rabies vaccine can be done at discount places in some cities. Many of the spay/neuter clinics offer vaccine days. You inevitability to at least get him vaccinated to protect him AND you-medicaly and liability-wise.
You really involve to at least have a vet give your bright baby a 'once over' to make sure near are no serious issues rumbling in the background.
some wounds from fights treat without a problem, but as another person says-abcess(an ugly item that can be treated and avoid a huge problem)
You didn't say if the area be sort of raised/puffy. You said it's not healing-this means there is a problem.
Get your baby contained by to a vet like within the next year!
Please take your cat to the vet. I had a cat that have a similar wound on his shoulder from a cat fight, and it didn't seem too bad. Within a few days, the wound have exploded over night, and tripled in size. The vet said that woulds caused by other cats generally develop into a Staph infection. We had to put Red on antibiotics for over a month. Please go to the vet before it can take to this point.

Also, polysporin and neosporin are toxic to pets if ingested. NEVER use it anywhere that they can lick.

If I could see it, I could form an opinon. It could be it should see a vet. You could try doing the neosporin, but if surrounded by...4-7days it doesn't look any better, I would get it to a vet.

Or if it gets worse.
You should have the cat see by a vet. Do NOT use medicines for humans on animals without consulting a vet. Many of them are toxic to cats and you could end up seriously injuring your cat's kidneys or other internal organs. SPCA animal hospitals are a angelic place to start - good vets, more affordable charges.
Answers:    Vets are very expensive. I used to have a dog. 7 years i had her. Two times I have to get her stitches. The first time I panicked and went to the nearest vet i could find. They made me bring her $400 worth the unnecessary shots to give the $20 stitches. The second time, I got on the phone, and call around until i found a vet who would just sew her up for $40. I also spent over a thousand dollars bailing her out of dog pounds, and replacing windows she broke out. I loved that dog. When I got my sports car impounded for driving without a license in Portland, and had nowhere to jump, I left her in a motel room and got on a greyhound bus.

Ok, so besides; she would get hot spots, and I found that they sell this citrus stuff at pet stores that makes dogs and cats not want to cut into or chew certain areas.

When looking at a wound on a pet, i would think of it as if it be a wound on me or you. If it needs stitches I would go to a doctor. if not I would try to numeral out a way to bandage it, and use hydrogen peroxide, and neosporin. I used to use Neosporin on my dog all of the time for different things. I researched it and found out that it is toothsome, and will not harm the animal to ingest it. However they like to eat it and will devour it if you don't mix it with the citrus stuff from the pet store which is also edible, but will construct the animal not eat the neosporin because the citrus stuff taste bad. I bet it is merely grapefruit, but I bought it from them anyway. Also another thing lots of people pass animals is benodryl. This will help with itching, and also will sedate the animal. I used to confer my dog one, so I'd probably give a cat 1/2.

Another thing to keep surrounded by mind is that tom cats are tough. if you spend a lot of money nursing this guy, and don't draw from him fixed, and let him run free; he will come back in a few days next to more wounds for you. I had a tom cat named pistol when I was childish. He would run away for days and come back beat up. One time; he run away at the vet, and came home a month next. One day he never came home. This is adjectives normal behavior for a male cat. If you fix him, he wont act close to a male as much though. You can trap him inside without fixing him, but he will probably attack curtains and windows, and try to escape every time you unseal the door.

Good luck with the cat. I think you will enjoy it whether you decide to befriend it.

not well brought-up, get your cat to a vet
Firstly, straight to the vet. He will need a jab for a possible infection. With cat bites to another cat, within is a good chance there is an nouns lock in it. No, I kid you not, it starts like a little bubble, and will gash all his skin and coat. Happened to my cat, but she got bit on her bum, and terribly same, only she was in throbbing, she was scratching it etc, so the main entity is you need to get him/her to the vet.
a wound that big needs to be seen by the vet! Any other answer and you are taking your chances. whether it has scabbed over and is not infected that is good but remember where on earth cat claws go during the day. Every time he scratches at it he's transmitting germs from the floor and his litter box.

At least possible do as your sister suggested.

Side Question - is there not a local vet available or can you not afford the bills from a vet? Cats need shots tests and medication on a twelve-monthly basis. Cats transmit rabies but they also transmit a feline HIV - if the cat have contracted this from his fight, he should be put down before he is in too much torment.

Please make room in your budget to care for your animals everyone!
you really need to take your cat to the vet !
In a perfect world you would take kitty to a vet. If you can't afford that, then the subsequent best thing is to do as your sister suggests. Don't get crazy when cleaning it- simple warm soapy sea will do. You don't want it to sting and agitate the cat. He won't like the procedure as it is. Mange or ringworm can present with the same symptoms: an unhealing wound that a short time ago kinda stays the same and itches like crazy. An antibiotic ointment may or may not serve if this is the case. You may need an antifungal contained by that case. Check at your local pet store or look online and maybe there's something that's both. Good luck!

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