Cats & Bowel Movements?

My kitty just recently came wager on home from the vet after a very tramatic 2 weeks for her. She had severe constipation again ( 2nd time surrounded by a year ) ... she had several enemas over a two week period ... as well as have sub q fluids etc etc. She had diarrhea quite bad at the vet while they were rehydrating her etc etc. She is eating and drinking water approaching normal again but she isn't using the litter box as much as usual. I thought about it in human lingo about when we are sick for a while or have diarrhea and after we start feeling better and drinking, that our body absorbs a lot of it so we, too, don't have bowel movements for a few days. Is that true surrounded by cats too?
Yes it is
Well yes, human and cat digestive systems are much the same contained by this respect.

You say she's not using the litterbox 'as much as usual' - as long as she's pooing once a day, even once every other day I would right to be heard that's OK but it really depends on your cat's individual case - that may not be enough for her.

You need to phone your vet whether you're not convinced your cat is quite well enough however or if you just want to check this is OK.

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Your vet should get to the bottom about why your cat had a moment bout of constipation in a year. The underlying cause is what I would be concerned about. It is somewhat common for cats, as they age to have this problem, but one must quickly ascertain the grounds.

Of course with the enema and hydration, diarrhea is expected as your cat is "cleaned out".

While it may take a few days for her lower digestive tract to become normal, and produce common size solid stool, cats should move their bowels at least once a day.

If this were my kitty, I would insist that my vet do a thorough work up to know how to diagnose the underlying reason for the constipation to begin with. It could be cause from a wide variety of issues that need veterinary thoroughness and medication to control.

Having had a cat that suffered from Megacolon which was the result of chronic constipation, I am now deeply cautious when it comes to these issues.

Good luck with your kitty,
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