Did my cat know he be going to be euthanized?

I just recently (Dec 2/08) put my 10 year old cat down. He have fluid all in his lungs and according to the vet was drowning. This be a very difficult decision for me, but very uncomplicated at the same time. I would never hang onto him for selfish reason or want him to suffer in anyway. I just want to know, whether he knew what was coming. If he knew that I have decided to take away his headache. I have lost pets before. But there is something extraordinarily different about this loss for me. I am extremely heart broken. I want to know that he felt no pain and that he know I loved him and was just doing what was best for him.
I am truely very sorry for your loss of your lovely cat.
Animals normally can't read minds but can sense fear so he may own noticed you were scared but didn't make out why you were. They can tell when someone has a great love for them. He feel no pain he just softly went surrounded by to a deep sleep. My dog rascal had to be put to sleep because he have fluid around his heart and lungs I worried about the same things.
I am so sorry for your loss. That has to be that hardest thing to do and the most difficult thing to agree on. But you dod the right thing. He was living with aching and you helped take that pain absent from him. You took care of him and gave him a long life chock-full with happiness and love and i know he is grateful for that. Now he is in a better place where on earth there is no pain and he is happy and feel great. You did everything you could do for him.
I am so very sorry for your recent loss and am glad you made the selfless judgment to end his pain. As a cat he did not know he was individual euthanized, but he probably did know the end was near (since he be so sick to begin with). He just felt the loving be you pet him and the sweet words you said in his final hours. The effect is literally putting the animal to sleep. He felt nothing but the release of the backache and falling into a deep sleep. Feel comfort in the reality that you did the best you could for him and that he is no longer in pain(for that he is extremely grateful). He will always be in your heart.
It's always a really rugged decision, but you sound like you know it was the best thing to do. Our dog knew that something be up but she was almost thankful for it - the one time at the vet that she didn't see up a fuss or anything. I'm sorry for your loss & I would take comfort in the reality that I'm sure your cat knew he was loved & care for & that sad bit at the end is only a small amount of time compared to the 10 years you have together. My thoughts are with you
Answers:    I'm so sorry. Cats know us, and know our emotion. A few weeks ago I had to put down my beloved Truman, who was 16 years old. He have renal disease and kept getting skinnier, weaker and wobblier. He was sick enough that he wasn't even purring anymore. He and I always have a special bond. The morning I decided to put him down I hugged him close. When I mentally said "Don't worry, I'm not going to let you jump on like this. I'm going to let you go."...he started purring. That told me that he unspoken, and that he was saying Thank You. He died very peacefully. So I assure you that yes, really your kitty knew you loved him and I'm sure he, too died peacefully. From one cat lover to another, I understand your heartbreak and you hold my condolences.
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