Do cats become attached to their owners contained by alike comportment as dogs?

Certain behaviors--such as waiting by the door, following owner into another room or wanting to sit next to them when owner is at the computer.
One of my cats would score at the door at around 3:15pm (The time I usually got home from school) until she get let out then she would wait till I come home. She always slept on my lap too and on the computer when I be using it. :) I miss her. :( She disappeared one day.

And my newest one :D She'll sleep on my bed all hours of darkness and wait till I wake up and as soon as I wake up she'll come over to me. and I own to pat her otherwise she complains..mews (Meanie). and then she follows me everywhere unless my puppy is following me :) It's not the same as my first one. :(

So yes they can. :) But I find it is very dying out.
Both my cats do all of that. They beg to get into a room that one of us is surrounded by. Garfield takes overthe top of my mom's computer desk, making it hard for her to move the mouse and get anything done.

And Garfield is so attached to my mom, he get ticked off when he sees her suitcase out and then is depressed when she leaves.
my kitten will sit by my bedroom door and meow all night for me. When I come out she purrs, but if I'm gone (at college or something) she'll travel crazy because she can't find me. She'll dash around and meow and have a crazed look in her eyes. And other goes back to my door at night.
Our cat wants nothing to do with close human contact. She be badly treated before we got her.
I own had cats that insisted on following me everywhere, even to the can. This cat's idea of a close relationship has be to adopt our dog. The only thing they don't do is eat together. She might sit on the support of the couch with us in the evening but whether the dog leaves the room she goes with him.
Yes, it's in recent times that they're less active at expressing it. Cats are just as sociable as dogs, newly not as active.
Yes and No. Dogs are pack animals and see there owners as the pack leader and will treat them matching as they would for there pack. Cats are more family orientated and see there owners as a parent amount. They will treat you much the same as you would treat your own family if you consent to them.
Some do.
It is very visible who my current cat likes. One that I used to own would run to the door for my girlfriend, and wait on the banister by the front door for her to come in...he didn't do this for anyone else.
Yes they do I own 2 siamese cats and a Pit Bull, the older cat and the dog follow me all over the place the other cat is bonded to my son and follows him all over the place. The dog equally sees my son has a play friend.
I like to imagine that Jonah has become attached to me. When i got him from the SPCA, I worried that he might be sitting at the door, howling...and waiting all afternoon for me to come home from work. My brother in law be staying over a few months ago, and I mentioned that worry...he said 'no, as soon as you leave, Jonah goes and sleeps on the soon as you gain back, and he hears the car alarm set...he jump up and goes and waits at the door!'

So, I like to ponder that they do get attached to you.
Most conspicuously they do! At least mine does. My cat hears my car when I come domestic and is always waiting at the door meowing at me. Then he'll follow me around and wait to be petted. Its quite sweet.
Answers:    OMG yes, and I have a cat that thinks he is a dog! This cat is a stray that be at our house when we moved in 6 months ago. He is a big old "Moose" He adopted us right absent, invited himself right in. So I bathed him and took him to the vet, had him snip snipped and got adjectives his shots. He to this day will come to the front door in the morning eat breakfast, after go right to the door to be let out. He is house My husband comes home at midnight and we live on a dirt road. Well this cat will be adjectives the way up at the main road and hear our truck, out of nowhere he will leap in front of our truck and run adjectives the way to our house, leading us there. This is the weirdest cat I own ever known. He can not jump at all. He climbs capably, but has no clue how to get up on the counters. He really loves us and he knows that we are his ethnic group. He will come and get us when he wants out and he will follow our kids around whenthey are outside playing. I own to admit that there are somedays I think that he is a reincarnated human being. I just keep dismissing the idea, and tehn he will do soemthing else strange.
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