Do Cats Whiskers Grow Back?

Hi all. My cat has burned his whiskers today and they enjoy gone all curly. This, of course has traumatised me and i'm opinion a little worried. Will they fall out in time, or repair themselves? Please agree to me know if you know the answer as it has been upsetting. Also whether they will go back to normal contained by time, how long will it take?? Many thanks everyone. xx
how did he burn them off within the first place? cats don't usually walk around fires for fun.
well something like that happen with my cat my little sister thought it would be cute to cut of his whiskers and give him a little down cut well its bad if they grasp cut off because they help them balance and determine whether they can fit through things but no worries they will grow backbone i am not sure how lng could be a year but be careful of what your kitten could be doing okay
Answers:    Yes just because my ferret thought it be bright to leap into my fire.
(He's fine just didn't have any whiskers) They grew back rather quickly.

Good Luck!
Yes, cats lose whiskers and regrow them over their lifetime. If he jumped on the stove, is his paw pads ok?

To be honest I've never kept track of how long it takes for whiskers to grow put a bet on - maybe a few weeks or months.
you should never ever cut sour a cats whiskers or any animals whiskers because those are how they feel around my dad told me that whiskers are the animals feelers
Eventually cat's whiskers fall out occasionally and they capture new ones, but it takes a long time. I bet he doesnt jump up onto the stove anymore!
repair themselves. and they will grow back
yes they will grow back, but for whiskers to grow vertebrae to the same length that it was normally, it will pilfer some time. i'll say about 3 weeks or so.. :]
They will grow back. My cousin thought she'd give the cat a "haircut" in the future and trimmed his whiskers. He got his head stuck in a few atypical places in the interim, but they did -- eventually grow back.
yup..the whiskers will grow
I had a cat do that...get too close to a candle, sniffing it.
He looked like one of those villians in silent movie pictures
next to those weird mustaches that curled up on the ends.
LOL. Yes, they will eventually fall out and grow back...much
approaching your eyelashes.
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