Does my cat miss his sister? Do cats realize sentiment?

I bought a cat about a year ago, his name is Crackers. a few months after my BF bought a little girl from impossible to tell apart place, turns out they share the same mother and are half siblings. My partner left me a few weeks ago and I enjoy had to move out, Crackers has had no contact beside his sister for about a month now.

I feel pretty crap atm, happily I have him to keep me warm, but he have been behaving oddly ... he get up on two legs and wraps both his paws around my arm, and he is VERY affectionate now. Does he notice the emotion/tension? and is it possible for him to be lost his sister.

My mum has a kitten here and they get on well ... and Crackers is lazying around everywhere as usual (sleeping contained by the sink!) but kind of seems subdued ...

he probably misses her and yes cats feel emotion like we never can so get a new cat to hold him Company
Most definitely. I have two 18 month olds. They aren't biological siblings, but be raised by the mother of one of them after they were rescued.

The two cant even bare to not be surrounded by the same room as each. They are constantly checking where the other is. When one have to go to the vet, I had to take both as it distressed them too much to be apart.
Answers:    i have have cats all my life and i am studing to be a vet..yes cats do miss there ancestral when they get taken away if the member were takin away from there mom at hand fanily memebers may have the same scent from the same time they come out and they will act strange when away from family ...the best point to do is give it attention ,stroke it ,it will scense your calm emotion ..but DO NOT receive it a freind right now it needs to addapt to its emviorment and if you draw from it a freind it will become more attached to the other cat then to you and cats are VERY territoiral.
He probably misses her, why don't you get another kitten friend to hang on to him company? or take him to play with your mums kitten more often. Hes only just abit lonely, he had gotten used to having another kitten to play with.
omgg this happen to me
well not exactly the same
my amily bought 2 cats (both male)
and when huey dies otis go into seperation anxiety
and eh sitl is in it (2 years later)
getting a new cat will NOT help
otis doesnt attain along with out 2 oher new kitties :'(
so a moment ago give u kitty love and it will slowly get better
I have a pair of littermates who were identical twins. When one died, the other sit by the door and cried for several days. I was devastated seeing him grieve that way!
No. Cats are too stupid to care about society.
Yes. they do.
Animals are also enormously in tune to people's emotions as well. He can probably awareness you are feeling down and out and lonely as well so the two of you will need to stick together on this one...
There is a possibility that they do miss each other, if they be separated when they were small there's a chance that they are not as attached as if they be not, If they re-united they probably miss each others bonding time ... And YES they do feel emotion, adjectives animals that are attached to one feel emotion and when the owner ( you ) is in stomach-ache they sense that and they do all they can to take it away, I have a puppy her name is NALA we had to give her absent, but i went through a deep depression stage in my vivacity, and my parents bought her for us i took care of her the most so she was mine and deep down she still is mine, but she notice right away that i was sad and that deeply of things were going on with me, she would hug me she would sleep on my bed she would sleep at my door making sure not a soul came in. Every time i cried she was in that hugging me at times she would cry with me, i was very incredibly attached to her and when we had to let her go because we moved i cried and she cried, she know i was leaving her so when i went to enunciate goodbye ...

And i will never EVER in my life forget this
i went to turn say good bye and she turned away from me she turned her facade she gave me the cold shoulder because she knew we were going away her oh man that night was the worse night of my energy! so yes they do feel. 'till this day i still get violent when i talk about her, as i know nothing of her oh man.. i should stop im getting teary eyed...

The answer is yes bro ... sorry ...
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