Doing my kittens nail myself?

i have a 8 week old kitten who is really cute HOWEVER i'm getting a lot of obnoxious scratches all over my hands and i'm starting to look ridiculous.

right immediately i use the nail file on her claws but i really don't want to pay to catch her declawed so is it ok for me to use regular human nail clippers on her...til i can pay to get her declawed
Please please don't declaw her. Its not hard to keep hold of nails trimmed. Once a week clip the ones that are sharpest. You can use regular nail clippers right now, but when your kitten is bigger you should use regular pet pin clippers. I like the scissor ones better.

As far as declawing - its is mutilation. You will do far more harm to your kitten if you declaw. She may bite you more, or pelt in fear and she may stop using the litter pan and start peeing on your clothes, bed and any other place.

Sometimes nail can grow back and be deformed, twisted into her skin and cause her more pain. The cat cannot preserve themselves and they lose some of their balance when declawed.

If you love your kitten, you will not get her declawed. Here's a website that explains what really happens and why you should not do it.

it's all wrong. nail clippers will trademark her nails all jagged.

also surrounded by all animals there's something in there staple that causes great pain when clipped or broken. take her to the vet do something, basically don't do her nails yourself unless you get that pedicure thing for pets. Just stop clipping them!

also whether she will be an outdoor cat, or outdoor/indoor you can't get her totally declawed, you can get her nails trimmed but not totally declawed unless she is going to be a total indoor cat.
Answers:    Yes you can use human pin clippers. But you need to turn the nail clipper sideways so the nails don't split.

Some tips:
The best time to clip cats nail is when they're sleeping.
Don't cut past the quick(that's the pink part of the nail).
If possible ask someone to help you hold the kitten down so you can product accurate cuts.

Please please please don't get her declawed! It's a horrible procedure.

Please read this.
Yes, just make certain not to cut the quick. Cut the nails in a okay lit area, and you will see a red shadow, that is full of blood vessels and nerves so it will bleed and be raw if you cut that. You may want someone to help you since the cat won't like anyone grabbed like that.

There is also a product called SoftPaws, which is a plastic covering for the staple. They fall off, but I don't think they are that expensive and it will freshly become part of your routine. Your vet or a groomer can help teach you how to put them on right. I own heard the colored ones are better because you can easily see when one as fallen bad.

Don't de-claw. Cats scratch, don't pick up your cat if it doesn't like it and swot to tell when it is about to scratch and urgently leave. It may start to bite once it realizes it can't get you absent with the claws, and you can't trim or cover the teeth. Just watch and listen to your cat, the scratching is a closing resort and I am sure there are some cues that your cat isn't in the mood to be bothered. it isn't unprejudiced to amputate her because you don't want her to fight back when she wants to be not here alone.
You can cut the nails with a human clipper but make certain that you do not hurt the cat. You must not cut the pink part, just the white one! I would suggest that you ask your vet to show you first. Then you will be more confident
At this age, her nail are very thin and can be clipped easily next to human nail clippers.

I'm afraid I'm jumping on the bandwagon here about de-clawing. Please, try ALL other option before you choose such a drastic alternative. You will probably find that she grows out of much of the rough, baby play that gives you minor injury immediately. Get her a good scratching post so you won't have to verbs about your possessions and if you still have a small problem beside her claws, then try what I have successfully used for about 9 years in a minute. Soft-Paws for cats. They work on every cat I've seen. All three of my cats wear them and don't bother with them at all and I put them on myself. My vet techs love me and so does my leather furniture. All my local rescue organization recommend them as well.

De-clawing causes a great deal of psychological trauma to cats and have a bad habit of altering their personalities for the worse. Not singular that, but in some cases the claw tries to regrow, embedding itself painfully into the foot. It's a cruel and mostly unnecessary procedure next to all the other options out there. Please simply use it as an absolute last resort. Good luck.
It should not be a problem. Just make sure that you cut only a small part of a set of the tips to blunt them. DO NOT CUT too deeply as it would bleed and injure them.
Yep that's what I'd use on my cats, a simple human toe fastener clipper. Skip the file and use the clippers, much quicker and just watch out for the hurried which fortunately is easy to see on a cat, be sure to have Stiptic basically in case you cut a quick, stiptic is the simply thing that will stop the bleeding.

Yes, human nail clippers work very well.
Sure of late clip off the very end. And go and get a scratching post. Declawing is normally for people who don't school themselves on pet ownership. Just you asking the question shows you care about your cat. Rub it next to catnip and praise her. This will keep her claws scratching that instead of your facade.
FYI: Many people think they are solving an issue by getting their cat declawed. They aren't. They are creating many more. First of adjectives, declawing a cat is equivalent to chopping off your fingers at the first knuckle. Extremely painful and disfiguring. It also permanently change the way they walk, causing backache and arthritis very early. Second, the nails are taken absent, they switch to their second defense, their teeth. I would much rather be accidentally scratched than bit by a cat. A much better option is a short time ago to have her nails trimmed regularly, have your vet show you how to do it, it's relatively easy and painless.
yes human pin clippers would work or to make it easier use rabbit clippers as they are easier when the kitten is wriggling around. And dont get your cat de clawed its really cruel when you could just verbs clipping them.
I never had my 3 cats declawed, and to tell you the truth I never feel the need. I bought a special cat scissor to clip the claws, it costs about $5- $10 in any pet store or big supermarket. I've be clipping the claws myself for six years now, once every two weeks. It's easy, and no problem at all.
Please don't declaw your cat. A cats nails is part of its bone structure I read that declawed cats are generally really shy too.
Don't declaw her! That is the most cruel thing you can do. You can get a good duet of nail clippers especially for cats/dogs for a few dollars at any petstore and if you start when they're childish its no problem to clip their nails at all.

Really do some research into declawing and it's traumatizing effects for the cat before you do something as mutilating as that!
Get her declawed really childish or don't do it at all. Also, quit playing rough with your kitty. It is your own fault you enjoy scratches on your hands.
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