Feeding yogurt to a cat?

I've heard it is ok to feed plain yogurt to a cat, as it helps near digestion issues, and my cats really like it!
How much can I feed them? Is one teaspoon twice a day ok?

I hold one 5 year old cat, and one 3 month old kitten.

you do not feed cats yogart
I'm certain it's ok and I doubt if a cat would overindulge in yogurt anyway, only a bit on a spoon or on your finger a couple of times a day would probably be fine. If it upsets their tummies then obviously you would stop giving it to them besides.
you shouldn't nurture them yogurt they will start up chucking every and might get sick! trust me...
I used to let my first cat have some yogurt every once and a while.

A cat will either approaching it or they won't.

It won't hurt them. Plain would be best. Don't over do it.

Less than a teaspoon.
Well, I was eating yogurt , and when I finished it, my cat came and lick it clean, so I don't think you should give them to too much, but a bit is alright.
some cats are lactose intolerant, others are tolerant. if the cat likes yogurt, give them some. my boyfriends mother give my kitty some yogurt every now and then, she also gives her cats yogurt.

Answers:    You're right, it definitely is. How did you know that you intelligent girl?

Anywhere between 1 and 3 teaspoons at 1 to 2 hours before you feed your cat works well.
My vet has told me not to feed any of my cats milk products due to them getting diarreha.
A little bit is fine but not too much since they are lactose intolerant. I'd do one teaspoon a daylight, not twice a day. You should ask your vet before feeding them yogurt to be paid sure.
a little of yogurt its ok but not too much
whatev, my cat eats frenchfries and apples and she is healthy and she is 6 years old, dunno something like yogurt though, it may be a bit too rich for it
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