Getting cat neuter, involve some warning?

I've recently made a similar topic, but I now need warning for my male cat. He is five-6 months old, and I'm getting him neutered. The vet said not to nurture him after midnight the night before the surgery. But what else? What do I do with him AFTER the procedure? What did you do next to your cats when they were spayed/neutered?
My guys never needed anything special after surgery. They all came home acting typically. My girls needed a few days to recover. If he seems groggy when you bring him home, a moment ago let him rest. He'll be fine.
Not feeding beforehand is important. The vet will give you instructions for after protection. Generally afterward, they are sleepy/groggy for a day or two and then pretty much snap back to commonplace. They start eating and drinking when they feel like it - pretty much in a day or so. You just have to see to make sure the incision site doesn't get red or inflamed (sign of infection) or that your cat chews or bothers it. Unless they are disolvable sutures, they come out at just about 10 days.

It's not too bad and they recover fast.
When i got my cat nuetered He was REALLy tired when he got domestic and scared too of make him a really comfy bed or let him bring under the blankys on your bed.

Good luck
Oh and give him lots of kisses and pets too..but dont mawl him cause hes going to be really soar.
He will be fine. My cat is a crazy little guy and he was so mad after he was neuter. I would definitely recommend a cat carrier for the ride home. Just net sure that his litter box is extra clean so no germs can capture in his incision. He should be kept really cozy and warm. He's not supposed to jump and run around too much because it can rip the stitches. A spay and spay are totally different. A spay procedure is a lot more serious. When cats are spayed, they basically do a hysterectomy. It is actually a pretty serious surgery where on earth they remove all of their reproductive organs. with a male, they only just make a small incision, cut out the testicles, and sew them up, not much to it. Just make sure that near isn't any infection, seeping, oozing, or major swelling and your little guy will be fine in a few days...possibly even acting mundane the next day.
Answers:    your vet should have given you or will be sending you the information that you need preop and whether you have any questions don't be afraid to call and ask.

they will progress over all the post op information when you pick up your cat. don't be afraid to ask questions.

you will need to be paid sure that your cat stays calm for about 48 hrs post op. that be a huge task for me when I had by cats neutered, the subsequent day all they wanted to do be run around and all. I ended up having to put them contained by their crates for a while every so often just so they can rest.
When I get my male cat neutered I kept gates down and made it unforced for him to get around the house so he didn't have to jump. The smaller amount that cat jumps and moves around the quicker the wound will heal. It's hard to preserve a cat still and from not moving but just try to make it easy for him and transport down obstacles to help avoid him from jumping.
The reason he cant have food before the procedure is because he might aspirate and choke during surgery.a bit water the night before,but simply a little,would be ok.the digestive system slows down during sleep.after our cat was neutered,he have his usual appetite back and did just fine.
They told me not to feed or water him after 10. And when he came domestic he was fine, playing as normal and everything. Now my female she slept most of the daylight and did not eat or drink or use the litter box. I turned a heating pad on low and she seem comfortable. I was worried and called the vet and he said as long as she got up moving around by morning she should be fine, and she did get up on her own.
They may or may not show signs of wanting to eat when they come domestic. Of course water is always there, but I do give then a spoonful or two of canned food about 1/2 hour after getting domestic.

It won't hurt them not to really eat for a day or two (before/after) surgery. Just keep an eye on them - they may be still sleepy and not want to break around the house. Its probably a good idea to at least confine them to one room for one hours of darkness so they don't pull out stitches or try to do a lot of jumping.
I don't think it will differ the certainty that my cat is female. But we just treated her normally but beside a little more extra care to not hurt her stitching. Don't exchange anything else because then the change will be too much.
I hope the procedure goes very well. (y)
They want no food within the stomach to be thrown up when they have an air tube in the cat's mouth, which is why the no food. You can nurture water, but just make certain there's nothing fed after midnight.

When he comes home he'll be groggy, keep hold of him off of high places and off stairs. He can put away if he feels like it, at this point intake is fine.

Let him sleep the rest of the day and he'll be ok the day after, back to mundane.
when i picked my cat up after he have the op he was drowsy for the rest of the day and a lil unco-ordinated.
he mainly slept.
the subsequent day he was running around like usual and he be fine

No food or hose down. After the surgery he will slowly wake up, keep him warm at adjectives times, like inside his traveling box, on the floor, so that he won't fall once he wakes up and starts trying to bearing around. It is very important that he sees a adapted face, ideally the person he's most attached to.

He will also likely throw up and pee on the floor, since he won't be strong satisfactory to go to the litter box. Aside from that in just a few hours he will start intake and drinking again and before you know it he will be as good as new.

I have my female cat spayed and I was really impressed at how fast she recovered, near males it's much easier, so you'll be fine.
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